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wrinkle reducing cbd under eye cream

Signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles don’t just appear around the mouth or on a person’s cheeks. A person’s eyes are also an area where these wrinkles and fine lines appear. These smile or frown lines along the eyes make a person’s eyes look incredibly tired and dull. Plus, it also makes the person look way beyond their age. Other signs of aging that develop around the eyes are skin pigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. The biggest reason for the development of these signs of aging is the presence of abundant free radicals in the skin. These free radicals usually develop due to sun overexposure.

CBD eye creams not only help better the appearance and feel of the skin under your eyes. These creams can also help you sleep better at night. Millions of people across the world suffer from insomnia or poor sleep. Most people also get nightmares and are not able to have a good night’s sleep. CBD eye creams can be incredibly beneficial for such people. The CBD oil in these eye creams interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which manages sleep patterns. A 2019 study published in The Permanente Journal proves that CBD possesses powerful anti-anxiety properties and can help induce a healthy and sound sleep in patients. All one needs to do is apply the cream under their eyes an hour before going to sleep. Since CBD shows effects in the human body very quickly (20 – 30 minutes), one can easily use a CBD eye cream at night to sleep better.

These factors cause the veins under your eyes to pop up, causing the skin in that area to look dark and dull. Plus, it also makes the skin under your eyes look puffy. The area just under your lower eyelids seems swollen and casts shadow underneath. This adds to the puffiness and makes a person’s skin look more dull and tired. Because of this, a person begins to look incredibly older than their age as well. While there are several methods to deal with dark circles and under eye puffiness, the biggest challenge one faces is that it takes a long time for them to go away.

The key to choosing the right CBD eye cream is to find something that is high in CBD oil concentration and low on THC and free of impurities. THC is a component present in hemp plants (from which CBD products are derived) that is responsible for giving the person a “high”. Since THC is psychoactive, it causes the person to develop a habit of the product. At high levels, it can also be toxic. Thus, it is crucial to find a CBD eye cream that has trace amounts of THC.

CBD has made waves in the pharmaceutical industry and is notably doing very well for itself. Numerous CBD products such as CBD body oils, facial serums, face oils, anti aging facial serums, glow oils, eye serums, anti-acne creams, pain relief sprays, pain relief roll-ons, pain relief creams, and pain relief oils have become immensely popular over the years. Out of the many applications of CBD, it has made an excellent space for itself in the skincare market. Several popular skincare brands like Sagely and Herbivore Emerald have made use of CBD oils to enhance their products and offer added skincare benefits to their customers.

Caroline Montoya – May 9, 2019

It doesn’t leave my skin greasy after applying this eye cream. It also has soothing effect which seem to relaxes my skin. I wake up with brighter skin and my puffy eyes has lessened

Carla Hegedes – July 20, 2019


Very effective, I love it, highly recommended

Lainey Boss – April 25, 2019

After using this anti-aging eye cream, the fine lines aren’t as visible anymore. I am excited to see if it will lessen the dark circles with continuous use,

Amara Heath – June 1, 2019