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will power cbd protein powder

Amazingly, Floyd’s of Leadville beats them both. Each serving contains a hefty 27 grams of protein, 25mg of CBD, and 8.5 grams of BCAAs. Former professional cyclist Floyd Landis founded this brand. At the age of 31, a bad cycling accident left him needing a hip replacement. It resulted in a lot of pain for Floyd until he found that CBD could help.

We decided that Floyd’s of Leadville was the best blending powder, however. It required the least degree of effort and mixed well with no grit or lumps.

The CBD version comes from the flowers and leaves, and may also contain other phytocannabinoids. The amount of protein you get per serving varies, though we recommend sticking with brands that offer at least 15 grams. Although this sub-niche of the cannabidiol industry is growing, most of the best CBD powder for CrossFit and other pursuits are found in nutritional stores. At present, relatively few CBD experts sell it


Willpower’s option is costly at $79.99 for 480 grams. This equates to just 15 servings at over $5 apiece! Floyd’s of Leadville is almost as expensive. The brand’s one-pound bag contains only ten servings for $39.99, $4 a serving. You can cut the price significantly by paying almost $180 for a six-pack. This works out at around $30 per bag, or $3 a serving. At least there is the option to buy a single serving for $4.99 to see if you like it.

As you can probably guess, it is a form of protein powder infused with CBD. Those who manufacture it claim it can aid post-workout recovery and add to a healthy diet and lifestyle. It is important not to confuse protein powder that contains CBD with its hemp counterpart. While the latter also has many benefits, it seldom includes more than minuscule amounts of cannabidiol.

Regardless of the CBD protein you use, make sure you have an idea of your nutritional needs. There is research to suggest that excessively high doses of protein over a long period could lead to kidney damage. Realistically, you would need to consume a lot of CBD protein powder to have an issue, and the expense involved makes it even tougher!

You will likely find it tricky to find a reliable brand that sells high-quality CBD protein powder. It took some time to find three companies worth considering, and you must also avoid mistaking hemp protein powder for its CBD equivalent. Hemp protein usually comes from the seeds, and seldom contains CBD.

ReGenPCR, the first industrial hemp dietary supplement protein powder, contains 20 grams of grass-fed whey, 20 milligrams of CBD, and six grams of BCAAs. I tried both of its vanilla and cinnamon-cocoa flavors on two separate occasions, and I appreciated how neither tasted of weed. I honestly found the vanilla packet way too sweet to enjoy (and I have a sweet tooth) after blending it into my smoothie made of berries, banana, and milk. But about 15 minutes and halfway into my smoothie later, I was already beginning to feel the CBD’s calming effects. For anyone unfamiliar with the benefits of the natural and legal cannabinoid, it’s especially great for combating symptoms of anxiety.

I’m not a fan of mornings whatsoever, so I’m always game for anything that can help make the start of my day less painful. Though I typically save my cannabis use for evenings and weekends, I was open to the idea of kicking off the workweek with some CBD since it’s nonpsychoactive. When I recently had the opportunity to try out WillPower Products’s new CBD protein powders, I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed I felt before my day even fully started.

As someone who doesn’t have anxiety and someone who’s a seasoned stoner, I was skeptical of whether this product would do anything for me. But I loved how my body felt less tense and how at ease I felt overall as I made my way to the office. The cinnamon-cocoa flavor was also significantly better tasting and produced the same calming experience as the vanilla. On both mornings when I arrived at work, I noticed an improvement in my mental clarity — a side effect I was not expecting at all. However, I wish the effects were a bit longer lasting, as the CBD wore off by 11 a.m.

Overall, I really enjoyed how the ReGenPCR powders helped me start off my day on the right foot. And although I’ll be sticking to the chocolate one, I think this is a great way you can incorporate cannabis into your wellness routine. ReGen protein powders are available on their website for $65 per jug.