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will cbd cream help with fungus on your toe nails

Fungal nail infections are much more common than you might think. Some estimates suggest that between 20-25 percent of the world’s population could be dealing with such conditions, with older people being especially susceptible. However, the vast majority don’t seek treatment, since fungal infections often seem like no big deal until they aren’t. Left untreated, they can cause severe pain, loss of nails, and impaired mobility.

Cannabinoids have a number of qualities that make them useful in the treatment of infected nails, including their ability to kill the fungus itself and fight off the infection.

How Cannabis Can Help Infected Nails

Researchers have also found that cannabinoids have fewer side effects than many of the antifungal medications currently available, including both over-the-counter and prescription products. Many of these can be harsh on sensitive skin, causing additional irritation. Others, such as oral antifungals, are known to cause nausea, diarrhea, and more.

If you’ve got a fungal toenail infection, taking extra precautionary measures like wearing flip flops around the swimming pool or locker room, as opposed to walking barefoot, can help to protect others. To treat toenail fungus you should also pay particular attention to foot care and make sure to wear good quality, waterproof, breathable footwear.

While treating a fungal nail infection, you should pay extra attention to your general nail hygiene. This can make a big difference, and cleaning the nails several times a day with antibacterial soap and water (and keeping them as dry as possible) throughout the day is vital.

It is going to take time to determine exactly how much CBD you should be using and how often. This amount will be different for each individual. When using CBD oil first becomes a part of your routine, you should consider starting with a lower dosage. Start taking the CBD daily and increase the amount you are using just once or twice a week until you discover the amount that works best for your body. Give it a chance to build up in your system.

There is still a lot of study and research that needs to be done, but many CBD researchers will tell you ingesting the oils is more than likely the most effective method of using them. Because of this, it might make sense to spend time looking for a cannabis edible you may enjoy trying.

Also, remember, similar to many other chemicals and compounds, your body has the ability to build a tolerance with CBD. Once you have found an amount that is helping you and have been taking it for a while, it’s not uncommon for the results to decline. This doesn’t always mean you need to start using a higher dosage than you have been. The best idea may be to go a few days without using CBD at all, and then return to the dosage you were using.

Are you purchasing your CBD oil from a reliable source?

Not everyone is going to have the same results using CBD oils. These oils interact with your body’s systems. Because each body is different in terms of its makeup, not everyone will receive the same effects. That being said, if you have been using CBD oil for a while and aren’t receiving the results you were hoping for, here are a few ideas to consider.

Both cannabis and the oils that are extracted from it can soothe any pain that is caused both under and around the area of an infected nail. When a fungus is left untreated, it has the ability to irritate and even eat away at a toenail, causing the nail to begin disintegrating and even fall off. This leaves tender skin beneath the toenail that should be covered up exposed, producing a higher risk of experiencing pain and can even make something as simple as walking difficult. Cannabis is full of both pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that will make it easier to walk with the soreness from the infection, making it less painful (2).

Because of both their effectiveness and convenience, soft gel capsules that have been filled with CBD oil are becoming more and more popular with people who use CBD. There isn’t a lot of effort involved with taking these capsules. It is as simple as taking vitamins while eating breakfast or drinking your morning coffee. For the most part, these capsules are tasteless unless you purposefully buy them otherwise. You won’t even realize you are taking them.

If you have never had an issue with it, you wouldn’t understand. Yes, toenail fungus can be very painful, along with embarrassing in public, and if it goes untreated, toenail fungus has the ability to be dangerous. Another misconception several people have is that this fungus is much more common than you might think. This is simply because no if you have toenail fungus, you don’t want to talk about it or discuss it with your friends.