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Green Country CBD Oil John Oliver CBD Oil Green Canyon Aspen Co CBD Oil Read Price, Result Reviews Living in a world where it is difficult to ensure that whether a product is natural or not, Cannabis has been a part of my life for a very long time and I discovered it like most, behind a roller rink, next to a dumpster. American country music singer and celebrity Blake Shelton becomes subject of latest CBD oil scam controversies with fake hemp-derived cannabidiol endorsements.

Green Country CBD Oil John Oliver CBD Oil Green Canyon Aspen Co CBD Oil Read Price, Result Reviews

Living in a world where it is difficult to ensure that whether a product is natural or not, people find it difficult to choose a healthy alternative for themselves. Several manufacturers have come up with their own products, but not many of them are best suited for providing suitable outcomes. Instead of capsules or tablets, CBD products that are available in different variants have become everyone’s favorite. Health supplements that are made up of plants are known for providing a therapeutic mental and physical state to a person. Green Country CBD Oil is one such product that will allow its consumers to improve their health and will not cause the issues of any health hazards. This tincture is free from any side effects and will offer long-term outcomes to the consumer. For utilizing it, one must be above the age of 18 otherwise the product will not perform well on their body.

What To Know About John Oliver CBD Oil

Therapeutic in nature, John Oliver CBD Oil is a plant-based product that will enable people to improve their health. This product contains active compounds that will eliminate the risks of the diseases. It comprises hemp oil extract that will allow its consumers to improve their health.

Overview About Green Canyon CBD Oil

This CBD oil is free from any THC substances. It does not contain any harmful substances or psychoactive compounds. Rather the makers have utilized hemp oil extract and some other essential oils that will provide long-term benefits to the consumers.

Overviews About Aspen Co CBD Oil

Aspen Co CBD Oil is known for helping its consumers to make sure that they are not suffering from any disease. This CBD oil will enable its consumers to enhance their health and will provide long-term health results. It contains natural ingredients that are free from any side effects. For consuming this CBD oil one must be above the age of 18. The makers of this product are experts who have ensured that their consumers are able to get the desired benefits. Aspen Co CBD Oil does notcontain harmful substances and will not cause any side effects on the body. It is free from any psychoactive substances and will not make the consumer feel high or dizzy.

How can one consume Green Country CBD Oil?

This CBD oil must be consumed once in the morning and evening. The consumer must pour two to three drops of the oil below the tongue. It is necessary to ensure that the consumer is holding Green Country CBD Oil below their tongue for a minute so that they can allow the muscles to absorb it. Also, it is necessary to make sure that the consumer is starting with a few droplets because this will allow the person to absorb the oil. Furthermore, in case the consumer faces some issues while utilizing Green Country CBD Oil then they can mix it along with the meals and beverages.

What are the important benefits of consuming Green Country CBD Oil?

  • This CBD oil will help its consumers to improve their digestion. It will boost the metabolism of the consumer and will allow them to digest the food they are eating. This product will help the consumer to get rid of indigestion, stomach cramps, or constipation.
  • The product will help its consumers to get rid of the issues of insomnia or headache. It will enable the consumer to sleep properly.
  • Green Country CBD Oil will enable the consumer to reduce the issues of any health hazards. It will boost the immune system of the consumer.
  • It will allow the consumer to make sure that they are not suffering from the issue of type 2 diabetes. This CBD oil will enable the consumer to lower the blood glucose levels in their body.
  • It will offer the consumer good mental health and will keep them away from the issue of anxiety, stress, or depression.

Will there be any side effects of consuming Green Country CBD Oil?

No, this CBD oil will not cause any side effects on the body of the consumer. This CBD tincture will allow the consumer to get rid of the risks of any diseases because the ingredients used in it are totally natural and will offer desirable outcomes. While consuming Green Country CBD Oil one does not have to worry about any side effects. It is free from any harmful substances.

Who cannot consume Green Country CBD Oil?

  • People who are below the age of 18 are not the ideal consumers of this CBD oil.
  • If you are a woman who is feeding her child on her milk then this tincture will not work for you.
  • Women who are about to give birth to a child must not utilize this CBD oil.

How to order the containers of Green Country CBD Oil?

The consumer can head to the main website of Green Country CBD Oil if they want to purchase the product. One must ensure that they are filling in some of their major details while buying the product. This CBD tincture will be available at some exclusive rates on its official webpage. The product will be delivered to the given address within a week. Also, in case the consumer faces some issues while buying Green Country CBD Oil then they can get in touch with the customer care and solve their queries.

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Customer’s feedback

Frederick: This CBD oil has helped me in becoming active and healthy. This tincture has reduced the issues of fatigue in my body. Now I feel more energetic and active all day long. This CBD oil has not shown any side effects on my body.

Emily: Green Country CBD Oil has made sure that I am not suffering from the risks of insomnia. Now I can sleep properly without any hindrance. This tincture has improved my sleeping patterns and has provided me with desirable outcomes.

Last words on Green Country CBD Oil

This is an effective component that will enable its consumers to improve their health. This tincture will offer long-term results to the consumers because of the natural ingredients present in it. Green Country CBD Oil is free from any side effects because it is free from harmful ingredients. It will not make the consumer feel high or dizzy. The makers of this CBD oil are experts who have ensured that their consumers are getting long-term outcomes. For consuming this CBD oil one must be above the age of 18 so that they can get the maximum benefits. It is necessary to consume this tincture every day.

Pharma Bloom CBD will help its consumers to improve the functioning of their immune system and will eliminate the risks of any diseases.

5 Questions With JP Gravina: Founder/CEO The Green Cannabis Co.

I’m a design nerd. I’ve been attracted to design of all kinds my whole life. I originally applied to architecture programs for university. When my poor math skills caught up to me, I turned to art school. I attended OCAD (The Ontario College of Art & Design) and discovered my love for graphic design and communications. After a specialty college program, I started working in advertising. I was fortunate enough to work in all the top-tier ad agencies in Canada building brands for the last 15 years. Now, I’ve set my sights on designing and hand-making cannabis accessories for my own brand.

Cannabis has been a part of my life for a very long time and I discovered it like most, behind a roller rink, next to a dumpster. It was the dead of summer, hot and stinky. It was the least romantic introduction I could’ve had and, I kind of loved it. Since then, the plant has been a huge part of my life in all forms. I’m an organic, outdoor-guy mostly. But, when the harvest runs out, I head over to the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) to *legally* buy weed and it’s shipped right to my door in a day.

WB: Please tell me about your company? What is your thoughts on stigmas? How do you anticipate removing them?

The Green Cannabis Co. is an ethical brand focused on eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced cannabis accessories. Our entire collection is made by hand. We locally-source our raw materials, including hemp from British Columbia, beeswax from Quebec and raw clay, used in our ceramics, from Ontario and Alberta. We use bio-degradable packaging, we’re a plastic-free organization and we take a print-free approach to the way we package our goods. Instead, we hand-trim pages of vintage books and stamp our labels by hand using vegetable ink. I know what you’re thinking, “Doesn’t that take long?” and the short answer is, yes. It absolutely does, but we think it’s worth it. It not only minimizes our impact on the environment, but it also gives us our “look”. Our brown kraft paper, hand-stamped labels and imperfect approach is the signature of our brand. Even our business cards get the same hand-stamped treatment. In an industry littered with overuse of plastic, loads of flashy graphics our simplistic, subtle and sophisticated approach is refreshing.

The Making Of New York’s $150 Million ‘Cannabis Campus’

Blackstone To Sell The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas For $5.65 Billion

The Feds Are Coming For Delta-8 THC

I learned a lot about how companies view the cannabis industry while setting up The Green Cannabis Co. Banks would laugh me out of branches, I was booted out of PayPal, Square and Stripe, all the major credit card processing companies for violating their terms. They view selling legal, hand-made cannabis accessories in the same light as selling illegal drugs. It was incredibly disheartening, but it pushed me to find a better way. And, in time, I believe it will get easier for companies like ours to thrive in this industry. Stigmas are being shed everyday and fingers crossed the major ones fall soon. But, if a small, independent company in Canada (where weed is legal) is having these issues I can’t imagine what it must be like for others in the US and around the world.

We started The Green Cannabis Co. in December of 2019. Little did we know what the first half of 2020 would have in store. When Covid-19 hit people were locked in their homes and looking for ways to relieve all of their pent up stress and anxiety. People started to ask me what strains are best to sleep, to relax, to escape. These are people who I never thought would ask me about cannabis, people like my mom, my sisters-in-law and elderly neighbours. That, to me, speaks volumes. The stigmas are falling and now people are trying the plant – and it’s helping. Some of them are trying it for the first time, others are reminded of how awesome it was when they were kids. Either way, a whole new group of users have entered the cannabis space and we believe that’s good for everyone. The more we can normalize the use of cannabis, the more those stigmas will start fading away.

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WB: What are your six and twelve month goals? What sets you apart from your competitors?

We are super excited about what the next few months hold. In the next 6 months, we’ll be continuing to launch new products and expand our foothold in retail shops, dispensaries and boutiques, both brick and mortar as well as online. As the brand continues to grow, we’d love to expand our offering. We’re beginning to add in some lifestyle-wear to our collection, we’re prototyping a line of topicals and edibles and are looking to secure a retail location, you know, if that’s still a thing in 12 months. We are fortunate enough to have an incredibly strong brand with laser-focused brand pillars. With that, we immediately know if we’re playing in the right sandbox or not.

There is nothing like our products on the market. Many of our competitors source mass-produced, white-labelled goods from overseas and slap a logo on it. We take an entirely different approach. We design, we prototype and produce our collection ourselves, proudly in Canada. Every cut, every stamp, every fold all happens here. It would be far easier and far cheaper to manufacture overseas but we believe there is a better way, where we aren’t dependant on outsourcing to fulfill our orders and where we can feed our local economies. Another thing that will become more important on the heels of the virus, we think.

WB: Do you have a food memory you’d like to share?

I grew up in an Italian household. Lots of food, lots of cooking and, as kids, we were always welcome in the kitchen. And, by welcome, I mean forced to help in the kitchen. I remember helping jar tomatoes and making sausage when I wasn’t even old enough to hold a knife. My job on Sunday mornings was prepping the sugo (red tomato sauce) for the big Sunday family dinner. Little did I know how impressionable I was back then. The garlic grinder I used every week would inevitably become the inspiration for our signature built-in grinder on our rolling trays.

WB: What is your passion?

Thoughtful design. Design that is pleasing, purposeful and created with the user and the environment in mind. It’s a part of everything I do and every choice I make from the clothes I buy, to the beer I drink – I’m a sucker for a good label. Design isn’t just about the end result either. It’s about the process, the materials, the environment and maybe what’s most important, its about what happens after you’re done with it.

Good design keeps me coming back to brands I love and keeps me away from others. I remember sitting down in a new, trendy restaurant recently, looking at the poorly designed menu then immediately putting it down and walking out the door. My wife still won’t let me live that one down.

Blake Shelton CBD Oil Endorsement Scam Controversy Arises

American country music singer and celebrity Blake Shelton becomes subject of latest CBD oil scam controversies with fake hemp-derived cannabidiol endorsements.

Country superstar Blake Shelton has appeared in CBD headlines in recent months – but not for reasons you might expect.

According to a typical online scam, Blake Shelton endorses CBD products like Green CBD Oil. In reality, Blake Shelton is not publicly connected to any CBD company or brand. And do not be surprised, this has happened to many celebrities and public figures, including Dr. Oz, Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood.

The scam appears in different forms. And while there are dozens and dozens of celebrities who use CBD oil, there are many who get used in deceptive marketing schemes and tactics in attempt to lure unsuspecting consumers into making a purchase because of their favorite public personality “endorsing” it.

In one version of the scam, Shelton purportedly sat down for an “emotional” interview where he revealed, “big pharma” is attacking his “latest business venture,” a CBD company called Green CBD Oil. But do not fall for any product as these hemp-based cannabidiol-infused tinctures can come in many website names and brands.

“We all know and love Blake Shelton as the charismatic country star who has never been shy about advocating for marijuana use,” explains the fabricated sales page, which is designed to look like the official Country Music Television (CMT) News blog.

“He has always been focused on creating music, going on tour, and promoting America. However, he shocked everyone when he announced his new CBD line, Green CBD Oil, would be the next step in his career.”

Sometimes, the scam uses the brand name Green CBD Oil. In other versions of the scam, we see a different brand name.

In the emotional interview, Shelton purportedly adds that he’s “stepping away from the spotlight” to focus on his business. He claims his CBD company has grown so fast that he’s decided to make it his full-time job:

“This was a really, really difficult decision for me. When I started this whole thing back in 2015, it really was just a part-time passion project and a way for me to give back. Now here we are almost five years later, and Green CBD Oil has steadily grown into a full-fledged business that’s helped thousands of people become pain-free and much happier. My line gives me a chance to do something bigger than music, and I knew I would regret it for the rest of my life if I let that opportunity pass me by.”

That may sound convincing – but as you’ll learn, scammers appear to be using Blake Shelton’s reputation and likeness to promote overpriced CBD oil subscription scams online.

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Blake Shelton Does Not Run a CBD Company or Endorse Any CBD Brand

To be clear, all of these webpages use false information. Blake Shelton does not run a CBD company, nor has he endorsed any CBD brand.

Indeed Blake Shelton has never publicly discussed smoking marijuana, nor has he advocated the use of cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes.

As far as we can tell, there’s no connection between Blake Shelton, cannabis, CBD, and marijuana.

Despite the lack of connection, CBD company scams have taken Blake Shelton’s likeness and reputation to endorse various CBD products – including the Green CBD Oil promoted in the latest version of the scam.

What is Green CBD Oil?

The most recent scam involving Blake Shelton and CBD consists of a product called Green CBD Oil.

The scam claims that Shelton has spent the last five years developing Green CBD Oil – and that it sold out within 10 minutes of launch.

The sales page also claims that big pharmaceutical companies are trying to block the release of Green CBD Oil because it provides results “that before now were only possible through prescription medication.” The sales page advertises Green CBD Oil as “a much cheaper and safer alternative” to prescription medication.

Green CBD Oil’s sales page also features endorsements from George Strait, Sam Elliott, Tom Hanks, and Garth Brooks. All of these celebrities claim to have used Green CBD Oil to cure various ailments.

Green CBD Oil is a complete scam. Again, Blake Shelton is not connected to any Green CBD Oil brand or any other CBD company. None of these celebrities have endorsed any type of CBD product.

The Green CBD Oil sales page also has fake customer testimonials, a fake ‘limited supply’ warning, and other telltale signs of an internet scam.

The Green CBD Oil Free Trial Scam

Green CBD Oil is a scam because it fraudulently uses Blake Shelton to advertise CBD. It also claims to offer specific health benefits – including lowering blood sugar, reducing anxiety and stress, and purportedly curing other conditions as well as prescription medications and with no side effects. CBD oil companies cannot advertise their products as cures or treatments.

Green CBD Oil also uses a fake free trial system to lure customers into buying the formula. If you buy the Green CBD Oil trial, it appears you’re paying just $7.95 for one bottle of Green CBD Oil.

Unfortunately, this free trial is a scam: the website silently pre-authorizes your credit card for a much higher payment. You pay just $7.98 for the first 17 days of using the product (described as the ‘trial period’) before your card is automatically charged the remaining $118.88.

You will continue to be charged $118.88 every 30 days after that until you cancel, and you will receive a new bottle every month in the mail until you cancel.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • Green CBD Oil “Free Trial”: $7.98 + $118.88 (after 17 day trial period) + $118.88 (every 30 days thereafter)
  • The only way to avoid these charges is to request a refund within the first 17 days, then mail the bottle back to the company.
  • You must also call or email the company to cancel your automatic subscription program:
  • Phone: 1 (844) 356-1906
  • Email: [email protected]

Blake Shelton Has Released One Song (Possibly) About Weed

A quick search for “Blake Shelton marijuana” reveals lists like “10 Country Songs About Marijuana” and “17 Country Singers Who’ve Admitted They Smoke Weed”.

These lists use just one piece of evidence to prove Blake Shelton smokes weed: in 2011, Blake Shelton released a song called Ready to Roll.

In that song, Shelton talks about getting ready to relax after working all week. He certainly references smoking something, although he’s mostly comparing a relaxing Friday afternoon to smoking a joint. He never directly discusses consuming marijuana, and he certainly never mentions any CBD products.

“Girl I’ve been at work all week / Fingers to the bone I need / A little hit of you and me / A little time alone / All day I’ve been thinking about / Quitting early skipping out / Hauling ass to hit the couch / And hang with you at home” – Blake Shelton – Ready to Roll (2011)

This is the evidence people have used to connect Blake Shelton to CBD and marijuana.

Again, this is the only apparent connection between Blake Shelton and marijuana we can find in his entire library of songs. It’s certainly possible he smokes marijuana or even uses CBD – but he has not disclosed that information publicly.

Final Word: Any Blake Shelton CBD Product is a Scam

If Blake Shelton ever launches a CBD company, it will be big news. He’ll promote it on his official social media pages. He’ll make TV appearances.

When you see a CBD sales page mention, Blake Shelton – like the Green CBD Oil page mentioned above – you can assume that page is a scam.

There’s no public connection between Blake Shelton, cannabis, CBD, marijuana, or any other cannabis-related substance. One song (“Ready to Roll”) vaguely references smoking weed, although it’s far from an endorsement.

For all of these reasons, steer clear of any CBD products using Blake Shelton’s name to advertise themselves online.

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