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white buffalo cbd pet tincture

Bottom line, if you want a very high quality option, go with this brand!

King Kanine has a long list of great pet products which contain high quality ingredients. They are all marketed for dogs.

They have other types of products as well such as treats, and CBD infused coconut oil and peanut butter.

3. HempMy Pet

This is another great option.

Here’s the list of 5 recommended brands:

They offer oils, treats and capsules, and even have treats for cats. Their CBD is sourced from hemp found in Colorado and they conduct lab testing with a third party to ensure their products are high quality.

Honest Paws is our #1 recommendation right now!

Our CBD Oil Tinctures are made with high-quality CBD extracts. We have three lines. A full spectrum line, made with full spectrum hemp extract derived from hemp grown in New York state. An isolate line that offers a CBD Oil Tincture for those with a sensitivity to THC and a line for pets.

All of our products, including our tinctures, are third-party lab tested to ensure potency and purity. Each bottle includes a graduated dropper for easy portion control. We’ve recently added a Full Spectrum + Melatonin Tincture.

What’s the difference between Isolate and Full Spectrum? Isolate contains only the CBD cannabinoid. Full Spectrum contains small amounts of other cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN and trace amounts of THC. The Isolate is odorless and flavorless, while the Full Spectrum has a slight “grassy” taste.

White Buffalo is an 80/20 sativa-dominant cannabis strain that descends from a Romulan and a Blackberry Kush/Bay 11 hybrid. Like the sacred animal of Native American tradition, this White Buffalo is a cherished rarity that may only seldom migrate to your stash jar. Sweetly sour in flavor and covered in a snowy coat of crystal trichomes, White Buffalo provides a powerful blast of euphoria that may surprise any consumer expecting an active and uplifting sativa experience.