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where to buy cbd capsules for dogs


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Shop CBD and hemp oil for large dogs (51-80 pounds) with Canna Companion! Pet parents want the best for their large four-legged friends (breeds like boxer, Labrador retriever, golden retriever, and more), and our veterinarian-developed cannabis supplements can help maintain their physical and emotional well-being. CBD capsules and hemp oil for dogs can help support and maintain overall quality of life simply and easily. Canine CBD oil is not a product which produces immediate results – instead, the supplement encourages your large dog’s body to respond in a helpful way within a week or two’s time.

Extra Strength CBD Capsules for Large Dogs (120 count)

Whole Plant Hemp Oil for Pets

Regular Strength CBD Capsules for Large Dogs (120 count)


All-Natural and organically sourced Ingredients

Inspired by Maximus and Gordo

From the start of production until the end, we control each step of the process which allows us to retain the highest quality standards. White label manufacturers have no control over this which is why quality can be inferior and prices can be higher, we have cut out the “middle man”. We take the extra step in order to ensure that our products are 100% safe for our own pups. When Innovet Pet was started in 2005, we created Pet health products from our own minds, nothing was a replica or copy of any other product on the market. Our founders, Matt & Dave, were actually inventing our most early start up products as natural and easier solutions to help save their own dogs. So naturally, in 2017 when they happened to discover the benefits of CBD, they decided they would make their own as they didn’t want to create a basic product that wouldn’t have maximum benefits. Many companies used a cheaper version of coconut oil as a carrier but both Dave and Matt understood that even though Hemp oil was more expensive, it was still more ideal of a carrier due to it’s thc free cannabinoid profile. The goal was to create the best CBD possible for their own dogs.

The Innovet Difference

Full Spectrum PCR Oil

Distilled is the gold standard for a reason. Through short-path distillation, raw hemp extract is refined separating the phyto-cannabinoids from the terpenes while also stripping out non-beneficial plant matter (chlorophyll, sugars, etc) and solvents that dilute and reduce the quality of the oil.

In whole hemp plant extract oil, you can think of CBD as the leader with the other cannabinoids and terpenes promoting its ability to work most effectively in the organism’s system. Cannabidiol (CBD) largely works with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a series of receptors and endocannabinoids found in internal systems such as the nervous system or the immune, as well as in essentially every organ.

You can expect the same high-quality hemp product as before as we are one of the few phytocannabinoid companies that deliver a 100% all hemp product that uses hemp seed oil instead of medium-chain-triglycerides as the carrier oil. Hemp seed oil is rich in healthy fatty acids, as well it contains 20 essential amino acids.

CBD Pet Ingestibles or commonly addressed as Oral CBD for Pets are CBD products that are formulated to be consumed orally by dogs and cats. The cannabinoids will enter your pets’ digestion system and be absorbed into your bloodstream as nutrients for overall body relief.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound which means it won’t make your dog “high.” CBD is not harmful to dogs, even in high doses, and will not cause any cognitive or behavioral issues.

Why Buy Ingestible Oral CBD for Pet from CBD Living

Yes – CBD is nontoxic, so you can’t “overdose” on it. However, as with any new supplement, please check with your veterinarian before use and monitor your pet carefully.

One type of product is not “better” than another – it depends on the problem you want to solve. For example, physical ailments like sore muscles and arthritis are best treated by topical CBD products that can be applied directly to the site. For internal, or whole-body complaints such as anxiety, an edible CBD product would function better.

Oral CBD for Pet offers a convenient method for CBD dosing. Each product goes through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure the most beneficial health product for your pets. We also make sure that our Oral CBD products actually taste good so your pets can enjoy them.