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what time of day should i take a cbd capsule

There’s really no ideal time of day to take CBD. It all depends on what works best for you. The more you use CBD, the more likely it is you’ll develop a pattern based on how it affects you at various times throughout the day. And of course, the easiest time to remember will likely be another contributing factor.

How long CBD actually stays in the system varies greatly depending on a number of elements including the specific dose taken, total body weight and amount of body fat, and how often it’s used. When all these components are accounted for, the timeframe ranges from a few days to a couple of weeks.


Anecdotal accounts of both professional and amateur athletes taking CBD before and after performing are growing exponentially. This surge in CBD use can be partially attributed to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s landmark decision to remove CBD from its list of prohibited substances in 2018. Due to CBD’s lack of psychotropic or performance-enhancing qualities, the Agency did not feel the need to lump the cannabinoid in with THC-rich, psychotropic cannabis—which is still prohibited. This means that athletes in the NFL, Olympics, UFC, and many other major sports leagues can use CBD before and after training and events.

CBD coffee anyone? Unsurprisingly, many people prefer to take their CBD first thing in the morning, along with other supplements/medications and with their coffee and breakfast. But not everyone feels this way, and some would rather take CBD in the evening with dinner or right before bed. For the most part, it boils down to what time is easiest to remember and what time is the most beneficial for each person.

Like many substances, there is no “proper dosage” of CBD that will work for everyone. Factors such as weight, metabolism, and genetics can influence how much CBD one person may choose to dose. That said, doses are usually measured in milligrams, and range from around 2.5mg all the way up to a few hundred milligrams per dose in clinical settings. Another factor to consider is the method of delivery. For example, it takes longer for oral CBD and edibles to be absorbed into the bloodstream due to the first-pass effect [4] , while sublingual administration takes a matter of minutes. CBD topicals, on the other hand, are applied directly to the skin, where the cannabinoid does not reach the bloodstream.

You know those mornings where “brain fog” is harder to shift than usual? While CBD is not going to give you a quick jolt (save that for your morning coffee!), CBD helps to promote a healthy state of balance in the mind. We also decided to pair the CBD in our Calm & Centered Cream with bergamot (mood elevating) and lavender oil (promotes a sense of peace and clarity) for an added lift!

In addition to CBD, we incorporate melatonin into our Drift & Dream CBD Capsules to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed the next morning.

Help you cope with challenging moments

It’s not just our minds that need a kickstart first thing, after a night of stillness our bodies can feel a bit stiff. Sagely Naturals CBD + Turmeric capsules may help refresh and revive the body leaving you feeling more comfortable and ready to live your fullest life.

If you’ve begun incorporating CBD into your daily wellness routine, you may have wondered: “What’s the best time of day to take CBD?” “Is first thing in the morning best or right before lights out?” While the best time of day to take CBD is not an exact science, there are ways to figure out what timing your body will respond to best as well as some guidelines depending on what you want to achieve:

Collapsing onto the couch or into bed does little to help your wired mind and body shut down. CBD can help inspire feelings of tranquility and relaxation by helping you find your “off” switch and prepare your body and mind to retire for the evening with an empty mind, not a full one.

The entourage effect refers to the maximum benefit a CBD oil user can get from using CBD oil, and it is said to only occur when CBD oil is extracted in full spectrum formulas. This means the CBD oil is extracted along with all other usable plant parts like flavonoids, terpenes, fibers, nutrients, and a trace amount of THC. When these parts work concurrently together, the entourage effect takes place. However, take note that if you cannot use THC in any amount, a broad spectrum CBD oil will be your best option. It will contain all other plant parts except for any THC.

If you’re wondering when you should take that tincture, we can help. We can explain everything you need to know about CBD oil usage, tinctures, and when you should take them to get the maximum benefit.

A Little Primer on CBD

Directions for how to use QUL Wellness Tinctures: Shake well before using. Using provided dropper, take desired amount daily. Repeat as needed at home or on the run as a powerful hemp extract facial oil.

Sleep quality. Many people struggling with sleep quality have turned to CBD oil to help ease them into a peaceful night of sleep. CBD has an overall calming effect, which can help a body that is already relaxed and ready for sleep to fall asleep, and stay asleep, studies show.

If you want to start taking CBD in the morning, start lightly in case the calming effects of CBD really relax you more than you expect. It’s best to start with a small dose and build up a tolerance. You can also take CBD in the afternoon if you wish to enhance your CBD experience later throughout the day. It may be a more effective method for you to take CBD in the afternoon if taking it in the morning makes you slightly tired.