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what is using cbd gummies like reddit

The long short answer is, yes. CBD can absolutely make you feel high if you take too much, but with that being said there can be a lot of factors.

I took 150mg in full spectrum softgels after I ate a steak burrito, while at work. Got me stoned as hell. The reason being is that I ate steak and then took the softgels. A high fat food allows the cannabinoids to bind much better and can increase the effects up to 14x according to certain studies. In this specific case it wasn’t the CBD but the steak that amplified the effects to a point where I felt powerful effects. What you eat is incredibly important as it can greatly affect what you feel, please keep this in mind.

I ate a cannablast 200mg cbd brownie about 4 hours ago. I ate about 75% of it, I do vape cbd juice on occasion to help with anxiety but was unaware that 200mg is quite a large amount for someone like myself that doesn't utilize a lot. 2 hours after eating it, I very suddenly began to feel light headed and dizzy, I eventually realized I felt high, although it has been probably 5 years or so since I had real thc. I eventually had to go home early from work because I felt so off

Since then, I've had the following symptoms: Dizzy Dry mouth Confused thought/trouble speaking Racing heart Paranoia

We are still learning to understand CBD. I can say without a doubt that the compound is psychoactive and this has been confirmed by my brother and the labs they work with. This doesn’t mean it’ll be the same effects as THC but there can be effects at higher levels. Start low and go slow, we are still learning to understand this compound.

I have been smoking daily for probably about six years now. I live in a non-legal state, and at my local tobacco shop (or headshop) they have packs of CBD gummies for sale. A quick Google search gave me the basics, its anti-anxiety properties seem to be the most emphasized.

Do these make you feel high, or just give you the benefits of CBD without a high feeling? If not, is THC exactly what gives you the "high" feeling? Lastly, how are these legal in my state where medicinal marijuana is very hard to get (you must have a disability or disease on the list, which only qualifies a select few), and where it is not decriminalized or in any way recreationally legal? To my understanding they come more from hemp, but I thought hemp was illegal regardless of its male-plant properties?