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what happens if you eat too much cbd gummies

While a large dose of CBD does exist, the likelihood that 1) you’d accidentally (or voluntarily) take an intravenous administration of CBD and 2) you’d take 700 grams of it in a single sitting remains improbably. It is worth noting, however, that CBD does not go without its side effects. Should you exceed 1500mg of it, the side effects include:

Concerning the legality of CBD products, the Federal government allows the production of industrial hemp, but does not necessarily legalize CBD-specifically. This legal gray area is emboldened even more so as certain state laws can either allow it in its entirety or ban it altogether. Be sure to check out our CBD Legality broken down state-by-state in a previous article.

These effects, while uncomfortable, will often pass within 4-8 hours. The best thing to do in these situations is to not panic or stress yourself out. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids, and if your appetite allows it, to eat something! Physically, you will be fine; so find a good way to mentally distract yourself – a walk can help, or if you feel too ill to move, put on a good movie and veg out. If you find yourself too tired or groggy, make yourself as comfortable as possible and sleep it off.

Early research on the subject is limited due to Federal prohibition, with pro-cannabis studies often suppressed. The studies that are published suggests a dosage upwards of 200mg of CBD per kilogram of body weight administered intravenously. Recent research believes this dosage to be much higher, suggesting an amount exceeding as much as 10,000mg/kg (nearly 700 grams) per serving.

Luckily for you, ALL of Envy’s Full Spectrum CBD products possess the necessary information for you for make an informed decision on whether our products will help you. You can find our full panel testing results on our website for each product. Each product will also include supplement facts where applicable, directions on how to use and under which circumstance(s), distribution information, and clear indications that ALL of our CBD products possess what we advertise. After all, our mission statement is to provide the means for everyone to take care of themselves; and to do that, it starts with building trust and transparency between you and us.

To knock this ludicrous theory on its hand, CBD products with that high of a concentration simply do not exist as there is no reason to. According to the bio-availability of CBD, the average range sits between 6% and 35%, so taking more than your body can handle will simply pass it through.

Since the Farm Act of 2018 lifted the Federal ban on hemp production, CBD seems to have taken over the country; and people everywhere are discovering a multitude of its benefits. You can walk into almost any store and find a CBD product; and these products offer its users an endless way to consume it. You can eat it, drink it, vape it, dab it, smoke it, rub it into your skin, add it to you favorite snacks, and even give them to your pets!

CBD is non-toxic and has little to no side effects. If you’re wondering whether you can overdose on CBD, the answer is no. No one has ever died from taking higher doses of CBD.

CBD is well tolerated by the majority of the people and doesn’t lead to any fatal overdose. It is, therefore, considered a safe dietary supplement.

Is it possible to overdose on CBD oil?

In brief, CBD is safe and non-addictive and has no potential for dependence. And while there’s no possibility for a dangerous overdose, it is possible some people may experience unpleasant side effects.

Consult your doctor before starting CBD, especially if one of your prescription medications requires you to avoid eating grapefruit.

Like any other dietary supplement, everyone reacts to CBD uniquely to different amounts of doses. Besides, factors such as body weight and body chemistry contribute to CBD’s amount a person should take. Another factor is how you take the product: you might react differently to a dose depending on whether you take a tincture, or eat an edible CBD product such as a CBD gummy. In general, the CBD found in topical products is unlikely to cause side effects, though your skin could still react to other ingredients in the product.