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ways to use cbd tincture reddit

To add a bit – in being absorbed directly into the bloodstream, the digestive system is bypassed, meaning less / none of the CBD will be destroyed by stomach acids during the absorbtion process.

you skip the first pass effect – first filtration by the liver for anything sent through the digestive system

The blood vessels are close to the surface there. It gets absorbed into your bloodstream much faster and more efficiently than digesting it.

Interestingly, this is why DMT is smoked, and not eaten – the stomach acids quickly and completely destroy DMT – thus the ayahuasca preparations, which is really just "DMT-containing stuff in a a solution that can pass through your digestive system".

Now I put some in my coffee just about every morning and it mixes in perfectly.

One of the many things I like about legal cannabis are fully descriptive, and I would think (because of regulations) fairly accurate, product labels. In this case, 487mg of THC are in 30ml of liquid. And very interesting to hear about your 50mg dosage, as my 14mg stage right now could most definitely be higher.

But what other ways might I consume some of this tincture? Put it in coffee? Put in food? Snort it like a line of top-shelf cocaine?

I have a friend that’s been dropping it under his tongue for at least 6 months.. he said once you get used to it, it’s not so bad.

When I got my own CBD tincture, I dropped it under my tongue maybe twice. The taste and burn was in my mouth for the better part of an hour. not pleasant.

I know I can put a drop under my tongue and take it In sublingual. True? But how many drops? (Pretty high tolerance here.)

Bottom line: What ways of consuming this THC tincture will give me the biggest results?