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using cbd isolate powder in salves

March’s Herbalist of the Month, Sha Hannah-Santo, has the recipe for enjoying the intention of self-soothing our own bodies. Her warming muscle rub includes CBD for an added benefit to relax and recover.

Fill the LEVO Herb Pod with 2-3 tbsp of the “Hots” mixture. Next, if you like a scented salve, add in dried eucalyptus and/or lavender flowers to the Herb Pod as well.


Set the Infuse cycle, to a temperature to 160-175°F and infuse for 1-2 hours. Do not dispense infusion just yet.

When completed, dispense the liquid salve into clean containers used to store the muscle rub. Set them to the side in a safe place to set and cool.

Once hardened to a balm finish, rub on tight or sore muscles and enjoy!

The beneficial effects of various cannabinoids. Chart courtesy of PotGuide

Considering all of this, we like to use both decarbed and raw organic cannabis (containing both THC and CBD) to create a full-spectrum, well-rounded, ultra-healing finished product.

Supplies Needed

In our cannabis salve recipe, we prefer to use mostly coconut oil, because it is full of saturated fat that binds well with cannabinoids. It is also ultra-moisturizing. We also add a dash of olive oil to increase absorption and smoothness. To learn more about various carrier oils, check out our homemade calendula oil article – where I discuss the pros and cons of a dozen different oil options!

Personally, I like to rub a little cannabis salve on my tight and sore neck muscles, shoulders, wrists, knees, elbows, ankles, bottom of my feet, and behind my ears. Hey, all this gardening (and sitting to blog) does a number on my body!

I hope you found this tutorial to be useful, interesting, and informative! I also hope that it helps you soothe your trouble spots, whatever those may be. Finally, please remember to heed caution depending on your local laws, and always be careful with your cannabis products around curious kiddos or pets.