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urth cbd full spectrum tincture peppermint 300mg

What makes this Peppermint Tincture from Urth CBD stand head and shoulders above competition? For one, the mint flavor is enough to make you stand up in your seat. That said, it’s not overpowering – it’s the kind of delicate but deliberate taste that makes ingesting tinctures a blast. Urth has added natural peppermint flavor to their trademark cannabidiol distillate and hemp oil tinctures, which they claim enhances its stress-relieving qualities. All of Urth’s CBD tincture blends are created using cannabidiol distillate in three potency-based levels, all of which are derived from hemp seed oil. This product contains no medium chain triglycerides, coconut anything , and absolutely no artificial additives. The drop topper for this product also comes with outlined proportion sizes inscribed on the topper itself… so you know exactly how much tincture fluid you’re putting into your body. If you want your mouth to feel fresh, look Urth-bound.

For sublingual use. All of Urth’s CBD tinctures are available in 30ml bottles and blended using CBD distillate. Made using hemp seed oil and CBD distillate. By using hemp oil as a base you are assured good absorption from the fatty acid complex as well as the added benefit of naturally occurring phytonutrients.

Dosage: 1ml = 16mg CBD

All Natural
Urth’s unadulterated CBD distillate and hemp seed oil for a natural earthy flavor that’s quite palatable by the dropper full.

Natural Peppermint flavoring has been added to Urth’s CBD distillate and hemp seed oil tinctures to enhance its gastrointestinal calming effect, as well as stress relieving qualities. For a very cool refreshing dose of your favorite CBD distillate.