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urbul cbd gummies

Launched towards the end of 2018, Urbul is a new CBD brand that’s quickly making a name for itself with its modern branding and stylish line of products.

As you could probably guess, our team quickly gobbled up these gummies during our review.

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During my review, I was pleased to find that each of Urbul’s products had been recently tested by SC Labs, and each product’s Certificate of Analysis was easily accessible through a QR code on each product, as well as on the product pages of Urbul’s website.

During this review, we had the chance to try out Urbul’s Melonberry and Blackcurrant CBD vape pods, along with their Blood Orange CBD Tincture and CBD Gummies. Learn about our detailed experience with each product’s flavoring below:

Dive into our review to get a first look at Urbul’s innovative new CBD vaporizer, and learn about our in-depth experience with Urbul’s entire product line!

Did you see that word?

This was a new company for me and my introduction to them was the Urbul CBD Pod System and the 1000 mg Urbul Premium Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. Now, I will admit, I’ve got many personal issues. First off, stress and anxiety is a major, leading factor in my life.

However, after having tried Urbul and having actually slept.

Urbul CBD Pod System Starter Kit

If you have ever read any of my reviews, I always honestly admit that I am cheap. When it comes to my hard earned cash, I do not like to drop a cent on anything. Especially when it is a product that I don’t know anything about.

So, the Urbul CBD Pod System Starter Kit is totally worth the money. I’d spend mine on it, and I’ll be ordering replacement pods in another few weeks. I make it a habit to keep a good product in my personal stock.

Now, let’s take a moment and talk price.

After actually having slept, I would gladly pay $65 a bottle for Urbul Premium Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 1000 mg. And, that’s saying something, because I’m cheap as hell. So, overall, I was extremely impressed with Urbul products and I am interested in trying others.