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The issue of CBG scarcity posed a challenge to breeders. As you know, cannabis and hemp breeders are an adaptable lot that love a challenge. Breeders have started to experiment with cross-breeding and genetic manipulation to create strains that yield higher amounts of CBG in mature plants. This means that the extraction of CBG is quickly becoming more efficient to extract, resulting in a more affordable end-product for consumers.

If you’re thinking about producing CBG oil it pays to think about which form will be most popular with consumers. From early market research on consumption methods, it seems like CBG will follow a similar path to CBD. Consumers love easily consumed products, so think in terms of pure oils and tinctures (sublingual or under-the-tongue allow for the best uptake). Gel caps and gummies are also likely to be popular. If you’re interested in entering the B2B market, focusing on white label CBG isolate powder may be a good bet as wellness-focused businesses may want to add it to smoothies, bath bombs, and other wellness products.

3. CBG vs. CBD: What are the differences?

Extracting CBG efficiently begins while the plant is still growing. Because CBGA is the first cannabinoid to show up in young hemp or cannabis plants, there is a very slim window of opportunity to harvest the plants and ensure a financially viable yield.

CBG is most prevalent in young plants at about 6 weeks into the 8-week flowering cycle. At this point CBG levels are at their highest because it has yet to be converted into other cannabinoids. This is the optimum time to harvest and process the plant. By harvesting before other cannabinoids have developed you’re seizing the perfect moment to capitalize on the highest concentration of CBGA.

The most important factor to ensure quality CBG oil is the strain of the plant you start out with. Ideally you should start with a high-CBG strain to ensure that your extraction process is viable from a business point of view. Other factors that will directly affect your success rate include the timing of your harvest, the extraction method that you use, and being attuned to market opportunities, among others.

A study on the transdermal applications of CBD (and a variant of THC called D8 found in delta 8 vape cartridges) found that adding roughly one-third ethanol in the application improved bioavailability nearly four times.

There is nothing super conclusive yet on this topic from clinical studies. However, it’s easy to replicate at home (albeit without the same standards).

Bottom Line and Summary

Vaping CBD has the highest rate of absorption when compared to other common consumption methods (approx 55%).

Finding what works for you is essential. It’s your own journey, trial and error is just part of the process.

Well, CBD and any other cannabinoid has to enter the endocannabinoid system and meet receptors in our body to be processed. But, this isn’t as simple as it might sound as it first needs to enter your bloodstream.