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tropical vegan cbd salve

Topical CBD creams are perfect for on the spot relief. Now, imagine a full-spectrum CBD infused cream that not only works great, but smells amazing, and you have Rick's. Try our rich scented CBD creams today!

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Formulated by chemists and engineered by scientists from the pharmaceutical industries, we've created the next generation of natural and organic Full-Spectrum CBD products. We've dug back into the roots of pharmacology to create the perfect line of CBD products with minimal ingredients just for you.

4 Ways To Improve Your Endocannabinoid System

Find maximum relief with our extra-strength CBD products. Each tincture & cream is crafted with our signature blend of rich full-spectrum hemp extract and natural & organic flavorings/scents.

At Rick's, we believe in making the best CBD products that money can buy. This means, organically grown full-spectrum CBD, third-party lab testing, and small-batch, hand-crafted products!

In the health and wellness industry, certain trends and products seem to come and go in the blink of any eye, but when it comes to CBD, that’s simply not the case. It was only a couple of years ago when people were calling CBD the latest fad; little did they know it was only a matter of time until CBD products of all kinds were available in nearly every single store across the country.

CBD creams are a helpful and natural way to tackle some of these inflammatory and painful issues. While CBD oils work internally, CBD creams do an excellent job of treating external pains and issues which are an obstacle in pain relief.

The ingredients in all of CBDistillery’s products are clean and non-GMO. Their products also contain certified full-spectrum hemp that is tested by third-party labs and certified by the US Hemp Authority. They use natural farming methods to ensure that the product they’re giving you is as clean as it gets!


CBD creams usually have a base of coconut oil or olive oil, and the cannabidiol is infused into this base. This creates a nice thick texture that results in either a salve or a cream. The product typically also contains herbs and essential oils that can be soothing and therapeutic to the user.

Joy Organics carries a range of CBD products; this includes oils, gel capsules, face masks, energy drinks, gummies, and of course creams and salves. The company focuses a lot on health and environmental factors, so their shipping is carbon neutral, and all their farming practices are very eco-friendly.

Medterra uses zero synthetics, preservatives, contaminants, or plasticizers in their products. Their products are also completely eco-friendly and sustainable, as all their ingredients are derived from natural sources.

Starting off our list is Verma Farms , who've been at the top of the CBD world for a number of years. Developing a reputation for hosting natural, organic CBD products, their CBD topicals are amongst the best of the bunch.

With an in-house, dedicated team to support customers, they take their customer care seriously. They vow to help you out with questions, issues, or suggestions anytime! With a convenient texting option, too, they’re happy to work around your needs.

How Was The CBD Topical List Made?

● How the brand is perceived by fans and experts.

● Lab Testing: CBD tester in Switzerland and made under GMP standards.

Medterra is a great brand to check out if you’re just getting into topicals. From being able to dosage out what you need to providing new, affordable solutions, this is practically a one-stop-shop for introducing yourself to topicals. As a company built by CBD fans for CBD fans, it’s an easy brand to fall in love with. We’re excited to see how Medterra continues its reign as an industry leader.