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Further information and draft regulations from the Oklahoma Department of Health are available here:

“The strong revenue growth for True Leaf Pet demonstrates that pet owners worldwide want natural products with real health benefits for their pets,” said Darcy Bomford, founder and chief executive officer of True Leaf. “Customers return to our products because they see the results–they trust our products.”

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Tree of Life Seeds, Inc., an Arkansas-owned industrial hemp genetics and CBD company, announced today the launch of the latest product in their line of premium hemp CBD oil-based products: Tree of Life Seeds REST: CBD + Melatonin and Chamomile Soft Gels.

The Canna Advisors analysis dissects some of the most critical factors affecting potential cannabis investments, including cannabis businesses’ uniquely substantial capitalization needs.

The first phase of the project includes a two-story, 9,000-square-foot central hub for the initial grow area, laboratory services, whole-plant extraction and the production of therapeutic cannabis products, plus a 16,000-square-foot wing for cannabis cultivation. Ownership of the 40-acre site in Lumby, British Columbia, means the company is well-positioned to expand to meet future market demands.

In the burgeoning cannabis industry, rapid growth and an evolving regulatory environment have driven a specific set of needs pertaining to manufacturing equipment. Two factors that have come to the forefront are price point and pace, favoring equipment providers offering cost-effective, cutting-edge solutions that complement the sector’s need for flexibility and scalability.

July 2, 2018 – PRESS RELEASE – International precision agriculture provider AgriTask has adapted its novel Agri-platform for use by medical cannabis growers who, unlike other farmers, face a unique regulatory environment. Already in wide use for other crops, the company modified the platform specifically to meet the stringent IMC-GAP regulations for growing medical cannabis.

“Our challenge was to quickly adapt our platform that has been so successful with soybeans, coffee, cotton, various vegetables and in orchards and forestry to a crop that is highly regulated,” says Israel Fraier, chairman and CEO of AgriTask. He adds that “the platform’s flexibility allowed us to take advantage of experience in Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Israel and develop a platform that meets the strictest regulations and at the same time improve productivity and increase yields.”

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In response, NORML Political Director Justin Strekal stated, “Governor Fallin’s decisions to respect the will of the voters and allow SQ 788 to go into effect is the right one. The Oklahoma Department of Health’s plan to implement the new initiative in a good faith manner that is within the spirit of the law is welcome news for the thousands of patients who will be able to benefit from a swiftly implemented, patient-first medical program.”

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With more than 600 employees and sales in over 80 countries, NAVAC recently launched North American operations in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. The company created the BotaniVac line to meet the needs of the cannabis industry for powerful industrial vacuum pumps used in the extraction and drying/recovery processes.

The system enables growers to comply with all regulations as well as improve productivity and increase yields.