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thc cbd topicals interview

Does your CBD collection contain any THC?
Our collection has less than 0.3% THC

Some hemp products are also connected with a “natural” way of treating skin. Do you agree with this view?
Yes, I think Hemp products is one of many natural ways of treating the skin.

Do you think there’s viable opportunity for the beauty industry to utilize CBD or is it just a way to “look cool”? Do you think bigger brands can parlay into this market or because of the limitations will just remain niche?
I believe it will become bigger in the beauty industry once people start using it and feeling the difference with the skin.
GOOD QUALITY CBD Oil is very expensive, I think a product that has CBD with a low cost may be using smaller doses or not using the best quality of CBD oil. There are different process that they would have to go through as well to determine the potency of this ingredient.

What is CBD?
CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive found in the Cannabis Plant with numerous health and wellness benefits. CBD has been used for centuries around the world to relieve pain and inflammation and to ease skin conditions.

How did you source the CBD?
Research and testing. I always test for quality, response time, and progress/improvements on different types of skin

Will the CBD in your products show up in a drug test?
Generally, topicals do not get into the blood stream and should not show up in a blood test. However, individual’s use of our product may vary, and drug tests vary as to what compounds are being analyzed, so we are unable to make any claims or guarantees regarding use of our products and blood tests.

What are the benefits of ingesting CBD?
Many people find CBD (Cannabidiol) provides relief from pain and anxiety, acts as a mood stabilizer and promotes a calm sense of well-being. Research shows it can help alleviate pain, anxiety, menstrual discomfort and migraines.

The best information on specific dosing I have seen thus far came from a commentary in the Annals of Medicine.

If an athlete is using edibles with THC, particularly novice users, please remember it can take 45-75 minutes to feel the effects. Do not re-dose during that window! I have heard too many horror stories about people over-ingesting edibles because they were impatient with the onset of action. In addition, there has been an increase in emergency department visits for severe adverse effects that can include psychiatric symptoms, extreme vomiting, and cardiovascular events.[2]

Athletes first need to decide whether there is a good reason to try cannabis. Use of any new supplement or drug must be considered carefully, because such products are not immune to potential adverse effects. I am a researcher on cannabis, and not a physician. There are physicians now who are more expert on cannabis use and can help manage its use. Before starting to use cannabis products, it certainly could help to have a conversation with one’s medical care provider or a physician specializing in cannabis to determine whether one has conditions that could worsen with its use.

Dosing information for CBD is vague at best. What dosage guidance can you provide for athletes looking to treat pain or improve sleep with CBD?

Research is still needed to determine the optimal pattern and type of cannabinoid to use. Whether CBD-only, THC-only, or some combination of both are indicated for a specific condition are discussed in two good articles about the different cannabinoids and the difference between hemp and marijuana.

There is limited guidance on dosing of cannabis, whether it is CBD, THC, or combination use. Because of the federal restrictions on cannabis, there have only been a few small-scale clinical trials and even survey-based studies like the Athlete PEACE Survey study are uncommon.

A final word. If needed, cannabis should be implemented carefully into an athlete’s life in order to maximize beneficial effects. However, cannabis is not innocuous – adverse effects can and do occur.

When an athlete starts to consume cannabis, it is important to define what the goal is from cannabis. Is it pain-relief? Improved sleep? Decreased anxiety? Recreational? Muscle soreness? It could be some combination of these or other things, but understanding the why of cannabis use will help direct the athlete to the proper type of products.