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taking cbd gummies on airplane

Outside of domestic air travel, traveling with CBD gummies may be a bit more difficult. Due to differences in international law, traveling with CBD derived from any source may not be legal. Local law enforcement in another country may classify even small amounts of CBD as an illegal substance. Possession of CBD products could be considered cross-border drug trafficking.

Individual states and local governing bodies may have additional regulations on the legality of possessing foods or drinks containing CBD, so be sure to check local laws before traveling.

Most states within the country have passed laws allowing the use of CBD and hemp oils if their THC content is below 0.3% of dry weight. CBD extracted from marijuana plants risk the chance of having a higher concentration of THC than what’s legally allowed, so it is best to get a CBD product or gummy made with hemp-derived CBD.

Is CBD Legal?

If you’re looking for a high-quality CBD gummy to be your co-pilot during your next trip, our new Zebra CBD gummies contain full-spectrum, CBD derived from premium hemp oil to keep your mood stable and your stress under control when you venture outside your home turf.

Now that you know what kind of CBD gummies are ideal and how to check their quality, can you travel with your gummies?

Marijuana has a greater percentage of THC and can produce the “high” feeling. In some states marijuana is legal in certain circumstances, but there are limitations to its use.

To help ensure you are complying with federal and local laws, it helps to have an understanding of the differences between marijuana and hemp.

The TSA’s updated regulations allow passengers to legally bring these products on board:

“Any good brand should be able to show you the CoA,” agrees Gary Avetisyan, who is co-owner of two Topikal stores in the Los Angeles area selling CBD products. That way, he says, it will be clear there is no THC or it is below the required 0.3%.

At the Airport

Carrie Harmon, TSA spokesperson.

Here’s what experts suggest:

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