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sweet seeds cream caramel cbd

Cream Caramel CBD offers sweet candy flavours and cypress and citrus aromas. This plant produces an sizeable main indica cola, healthy side and secondary branches, and a sturdy central stem.

Cream Caramel CBD is a hybrid of Cream Caramel and a particular CBD-rich clone via its Diesel predecessors. The strain offers a robust THC:CBD ratio ranging from 1:1 to 1:2, providing a massive CBD content.

The strain is well suited for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Outdoor harvest is around late September, after a flowering time of 8 weeks. Indoor yields weigh in at 400–550g/m². A single plant in an outdoor plantation can deliver 375–600g.

Cream Caramel CBD: Blend Of Cream Caramel And A CBD-Rich Clone

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Cream Caramel CBD has a THC:CBD ratio that varies between 1:1 and 1:2. With 9-17% CBD and 7-15% THC, she is the perfect smoke for users who want medicinal value from a strain, but not without the effects of a moderate dose of THC. Her high is nicely balanced and super relaxing, which makes her smoke very versatile, ideal to enjoy at any time of day.

This mostly indica (70%) cultivar grows in typical indica fashion, with copious amounts of large side branches that develop around a large main cola. After a flowering time of about 8 weeks, she will be carrying an abundance of aromatic buds all over, bringing yields of 400-550g/m² to the table when you grow her indoors. When you plant Cream Caramel CBD outdoors under plenty of sun, she can yield you as much as 600g/plant.

One of Sweet Seeds’ most appreciated strains, the popular Cream Caramel, is now available in a CBD-rich variety! Cream Caramel CBD, with a THC:CBD ratio between 1:1 and 1:2, delights medical and recreational users alike! Good yields of mouth-wateringly sweet buds will reward your hard work come harvest time!

Cream Caramel CBD (Sweet Seeds) Feminized

Medicinal cannabis users will love to hear that Sweet Seeds took one of their most beloved strains, Cream Caramel, and paired her with a CBD-rich clone with Diesel ancestors. The result is a CBD-rich variant of this sensational lady, with the same sweet taste plus the added therapeutic benefits of CBD.

Just like the original, Cream Caramel CBD has a sweet aroma like candy, backed up by earthy and citrus notes. Cream Caramel CBD by Sweet Seeds is a formidable, well-rounded CBD-rich strain that is ideal for those who love a balanced smoke with plenty of THC and CBD.