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steepfuze cbd capsules

SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffees are independently tested by third-party laboratories to ensure that the cannabinoid is potent and to see to it that lowest THC amounts are achieved so as to fall well with federal and Colorado regulations regarding THC amount and concentrations. With this, SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee does not offer any form of intoxication associated with cannabis, and neither will it make you fail a cannabis drug test. Customers can get SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee lab test results upon request.

SteepFuze also makes infused CBD tea for people who are not coffee drinkers and sells extracted capsules with high CBD concentrations

This coffee is claimed to last longer, and users can easily incorporate it into their daily routine. SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee is meant to be brewed normally as other household coffees. However, a hot brew is recommended as compared to a cold one for immediate relief and maximum CBD absorption into the body.

SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee Benefits

CBD is infused into freshly roasted coffee beans through a patent methodology that took two years of experimentation to derive. The process entails directly infusing CBD to coffee bean’s naturally occurring oils produced during the roasting process. The addition of CBD eases many of coffee’s common adverse side effects.

SteepFuze came to birth in 2014 as Devin Jamroz found CBD useful in self-medicating his herniating discs caused by a snowboarding accident. About the same time, the US farm bill of 2014 was enacted, allowing state-by-state hemp cultivation licensing. Devin experimented his own tinctures and discovered that although the CBD tinctures were incredibly good at offering pain relief, their taste was disgusting.

The CBD used to make SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee is sourced from farms that organically grow hemp, and CO2 extracted in certified plants. The product is pesticide free, herbicide free, and fully organic.

This coffee calms pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, and nausea. SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee can also be taken to improve energy levels and heighten moods.

But don’t fret! We also love pour-overs, so we use stainless mesh filters with our Chemex. The thin paper AeroPress filters work well, but we also occasionally swap in a stainless disc to change it up.

Region: Sidamo

Named as a tribute to the motherland of the coffee species itself, Ethiopia, our single-origin offering is a very special coffee indeed. This USDA certified organic single origin Ethiopian comes from the oldest coffee growing region in the world, Sidamo. With it’s ancient origins, this old world varietal now exhibits a high degree of genetic variability and tends to produce ripe cherries with beans in a wider variety of shapes, sizes and colors than most coffees. This makes the bean rather tricky to roast but produces a very visually appealing coffee and adds a wonderful complexity and depth to the cup. This high elevation heirloom Arabica bean is roasted to a light-medium level and produces a bright and delicately balanced cup of coffee. As a natural process bean, our Sidamo is dried in the coffee cherry imparting a delicious fruity flavor of apricot and honey with strong notes of blueberry building towards the finish. As the coffee cools, flavors of cacao and gentle molasses develop in the cup. This complex and delightfully balanced coffee is sure to brighten up any morning!

Origins: Ethiopia

Farming Practice: Certified Organic Hemp Flower

Terpene Profile: Beta Caryophyllene, Humulene, Myrcene

**We don’t recommend cold brews or using ultra-thick paper filters (we like stainless mesh filters!). Cold brews don’t extract oils from the grounds, and thick paper filters remove most of the oils from the cup. Cold brews and thick filters produce delicious cups of coffee, but ones without much of the CBD oil we’ve infused into the coffee beans.

After experimenting with ways to blend the two, he worked with a local Boulder coffee roaster to infuse the coffee beans with the extract.

The coffee is available online or at the Unseen Bean in Boulder, which will brew any of your favorite coffee creations with the infused beans.

“It’s sort of the best way to start your day,” said Devin Jamroz, the founder of Steep Fuze.

Jamroz said just one or two cups of infused coffee can help with anxiety, pain, hangovers, stomach aches — they won’t leave you with caffeine jitters either.

Jamroz said the biggest struggle was to get a perfect balance of oil and coffee in one cup.