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snoop dogg cbd non dairy creamer

There are loads of topical CBD-infused menstrual pain-relief creams on the market, but Foria took a different approach. These suppositories deliver 60 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD and target inflammation closer to the source. $20 at MedMen, West Hollywood

For anyone still unsure of what CBD is exactly: It’s an abbreviation of the compound cannabidiol—which is derived from either hemp, a cousin of the marijuana plant with very low THC (the stuff that gets you high), or the cannabis sativa plant, which contains high amounts of THC. Hemp CBD is legal everywhere in the United States and is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products made from it can be shipped anywhere in the country, but it isn’t as potent as the CBD produced from marijuana buds. Bottom line: CBD won’t get you stoned or make you paranoid. But claims of the compound’s efficacy are so vast that it boggles the sober mind. CBD is said to have antioxidant and hydrating properties, help battle inflammation and pain, treat acne and eczema, repair tissue and increase blood flow, lower stress and anxiety, improve your sex life, and treat arthritis—all without any psychoactive effect on your mind.

Good Clean Love’s lube is infused with food-grade carrageenan (a type of algae), which early studies indicate is an HPV inhibitor, and CBD oil, because why not? $19 at

Bath Bomb

You know CBD has reached the mainstream when the doyenne of domesticity herself, Martha Stewart, jumps on the bandwagon (thanks to her pal Snoop Dogg, she’s launching a line of CBD products for pets). Even Barneys New York hopped aboard with the High End, a permanent bud bar for the sale of cannabis-related items, in its Beverly Hills store.

Slathering Kana’s rich cream—made of hyaluronic acid, lavender oil, and hemp-derived CBD—on your face before bedtime will moisturize and brighten your skin while you sleep, or so the company claims. $55 at

Vape pens are everywhere, but Dosist’s Calm contains a high-CBD formula to combat anxiety and a mix of calming terpenes (oils found in certain strains of cannabinoids) to help you chill. $40 at Greenhouse Herbal Center, Hollywood

Containing 25 mg of cannabis sativa oil, El Patron’s gel preps the skin for a close shave while minimizing the potential for ingrown hairs. $20 at

Each 8-ounce cup of Willie’s java contains 7mg of hemp-derived CBD. The coffee beans are covered in full spectrum hemp oil (read: CBD oil) just after roasting, which they absorb as they cure. According to Elizabeth Hogan, Willie’s Remedy’s VP of Brands, who spoke to me on the phone last week, this process allows the CBD oil to evenly distribute through the beans and fully extract into the final cup of coffee.

The end result tasted… like coffee. Not amazing coffee, but very passable, fairly good coffee. I thought I could detect a slight hint of grassy cannabis flavor on the tail end of my sip, but that could have just been because I was looking for it.

I have a love-hate relationship with coffee. I can’t start my day without it, but by the end of my morning cup I’m often left feeling jittery and anxious.

Until it’s approved by the FDA all we can do is trust that CBD-infused food and drink actually contain the dosages they claim. That’s where celebrity affiliations can really help differentiate products. Willie’s Remedy is smart to emphasize its namesake in its branding, knowing it will set it apart from the flood of CBD-infused beverages heading to market (which will get even more crowded after the FDA gives CBD the thumbs-up).

There could be a lot of reasons why I felt so ambivalent towards my first sip of CBD coffee. Maybe I didn’t drink enough. CBD also affects everyone differently, so perhaps I just have a high tolerance for it. Or maybe Willie’s Remedy suffers from the same problems that a lot of CBD food and drink companies do: consistency — or lack thereof.