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seven7h sense cbd capsules reviews

This hemp-derived, paraben-free muscle balm is sold in six scents (Cedar Jasmine, Eucalyptus Spearmint, Orange Bergamot, Chamomile Green Tea, Citrus Blossom, and Hemp Patchouli), all of which are designed to alleviate muscle discomfort and promote relaxation through aromatherapy. While not all of the formulas are minty in scent, they all feature a slight cooling sensation that instantly soothes on contact — that’s thanks to ingredients like ginger, peppermint, and camphor.

Read on to find out why.

CBD Intensive Hand Cream ($20)

While it absolutely soothes aches and pains to some small extent, I still find myself reaching for my CBD Muscle Balm Sticks. The only area of my body where I found the cream worked more intensely was behind my knees. As random as it may be, every once in a while I get aches from standing too long (endless NYC walking, am I right?), and I found that applying this slightly cooling cream feels noticeably more soothing in this sensitive area than it did on my shoulder, collarbone, or lower back.

As we all know, just because there’s an intention doesn’t always mean there’s a delivered result. In this case, however, there is. Take it from someone with stubborn joints and a finicky psoas muscle: Seventh Sense knows what’s up. So much so, in fact, that I have their products lining my bedside sill, my desk drawers, and even my purse.

Instead of just rubbing my feet down with lotion, I layered them with an ample amount of the Eucalyptus Spearmint product (like, a lot) and immediately put on a pair of thick, semi-tight socks. The result? A creeping soothing sensation that went all the way from the beds of my feet up into my calves, thighs, and psoas. And thus my new nighttime routine was born. I’m not sure if it’s in my head or if having CBD-filled socks is actually magic. Either way, I’m all for it.

Remedy Review’s Executive Editor Marc Lewis commented on the results of the product testing:

Charlotte’s Web (CSE: CWEB; OTCQX: CWBHF) also saw products hitting hundreds of stores in 2019 between deals with The Vitamin Shoppe and the Kroger line of grocery chains.

Most of the remaining products varied wildly from their packaging claims, with the Everyday Optimal CBD E-Liquid 300mg containing 76% less CBD than advertised, and the Just CBD Gummies 500mg jar showing 86% less than expected.

Ty Arthur

Aside from mislabeling, three of the products contained a pesticide, while nine contained detectable levels of heavy metals, although those levels were not sufficient to warrant a health concern.

Ty Arthur has spent the last decade of his journalism career covering everything from cutting-edge tech to local news through outlets such as the Houston Chronicle. He has focused on the counterculture aspects of society, from marijuana legalization to underground music through and rapidly changing trends in the entertainment industry. He lives in the cold, dark north with his wife and son.

Major licensed producers in the cannabis industry have also jumped on the CBD train in the U.S. and seen products landing in a variety of highly visible traffic sites.

Following an unprecedented explosion in popularity over the last year, the U.S. CBD craze may finally be hitting some speed bumps.

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