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How to choose the best CBD oil

● USA hemp farmed using organic and sustainable practices

However, their CBD oil checks all the boxes when it comes to quality and transparency. Because these products are highly concentrated, applications are geared toward the therapeutic, rather than mood or lifestyle enhancement.

As one Allure editor put it: “I put a third of a dropper (around 10 milligrams of CBD) under my tongue, waited 30 seconds, swallowed, and within 30 minutes I felt rested and calm, my breathing became regular and I felt zen within myself at an hour when my anxiety would normally be ski high.” < reference >

The company sets itself apart from other CBD companies in two key ways – its proprietary purification process and its intense focus on terpenes. Most CBD brands use high heat to remove chlorophyll, fats, and waxes from their products, but this approach burns off all the terpenes and other essential compounds in CBD. Instead, Colorado Botanicals uses a pharmaceutical chemical separation process that leaves terpenes intact while simultaneously removing all traces of THC.

The good news is that the brand offers discounts to veterans and first responders. You can also get a 15% discount coupon if it’s your first time to purchase CBD oil and other CBD products from them.

Social CBD

Social CBD Vape Pens

The CBD patch, on the other hand, comes in two dosages- 20mg and 60mg. It’s super simple to use because you just need to place the patch on your skin and wait for it to work.

Social has CBD drops for your pets and they come in really interesting flavors. You can choose from peanut butter, bacon, and chicken. There’s also an unflavored option in case your pet has really picky taste buds.

However, in terms of flavor, you have three choices- lavender, lemon ginger, and peppermint. If you aren’t a fan of taking flavored CBD drops, you can get the unflavored version.