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After day three, I decided to take two pills a day. Though the number is set, the time in which I took them (never together, by the way) varied. One result of my inconsistent—by always chaotic—work schedule is never quite knowing that a day will be stressful or that my mind will be spinning until it’s actually happening. So when the various bleeps and bloops of phone or computer notifications would overtake me, when the emails would pile up, and daily adjustments would need to be made on the fly, I’d just pop a capsule. Within 15-20 minutes, it’d sink in. The work wouldn’t go away, nor would the worries. They just got a little easier to manage.

After generations of regulations and legislation, America is slowly-but-surely changing its tune regarding the acceptance and use of marijuana, as well as semi-associated variations of cannabis. Despite the best efforts of the current administration to stop the progress of pot purveyors, 30 states have legalized medical marijuana and close to 20 percent of the country has legalized recreational pot. Along the way, a full-fledged and newly-legitimate industry forged by cannabis has helped spur economic growth in a country that’s finally coming around to the health benefits certain types of plants pose.

I’d usually reserve my second dose for the nighttime. I’d be near the end of a busy day, still somewhat amped up and feeling behind in the task of tackling the next day’s self-imposed assignments. Again, the worries wouldn’t go away and the storm continued to loom in the distance, but in time (oftentimes with the help of a beer or five used to wash it down) the clouds would eventually clear for moment—just long enough to drift into a deep sleep. Speaking of sleep, get ready for some weird and vivid dreams! I’ll spare you from recounting specific dreams (because that’s dumb), but they ranged from strange to extremely realistic. As a person who struggles with sleep issues, I’d still prefer the REM cycle oddities to five or six restless hours any night. I’d compare it to a softer and more natural melatonin.

In the fairly short existence of Milwaukee Record, I’ve made a point to chronicle foolish adventures that have damaged my spirit, tested my eating endurance, and depleted both my physical and emotional well-being. I have no regrets (except maybe that George Webb one), but with the arrival of a new year also comes new perspective and a new opportunity to forge a different path. Over the course of 2018, I’m going to seek inner peace, personal growth, and healthy choices while documenting my experiences with a series of columns under the ’18 And Life To Go umbrella. Will it work? Probably not, but I’ll try anyway.

During a recent trip to the store, which was my go-to spot during my Whole30 experience, I was led to Fresh Thyme’s new CBD section by arrows painted on the floor. I stayed on the course and soon found myself before a locked case replete with Charlotte’s Web products and items from other hemp-strainers in its various forms and strengths. There were oils, powders, sprays, and capsules. Prices ranged from about $23 to nearly $100 (hence the locked case). After closely examining the contents of the case and the balance of my bank account, I eventually settled on a 30-count bottle of 15 mg CBD capsules of Charlotte’s Web for $34.99. At $1.17 per pill, it was a somewhat risky purchase, but the potential rewards seemed worth it.

Though it’s NOT marijuana or an illicit substance by any means, increased awareness of cannabis has also recently brought immense growth and universal legalization to CBD. Cannabidiol (better known as “CBD”) is a hemp extract that’s a distant relative of marijuana. There’s no THC in this naturally-occurring cannabinoid, meaning it offers many of the same comforting and anxiety-reducing benefits of its stoned distant cousin, but has been deemed “safe for consumption” by the government.

I popped a pill in the Fresh Thyme parking lot and drove back to Bay View. By the time I was home and my groceries were unloaded, I was feeling it. No, I wasn’t ripped or anything close to high. Instead, I felt just a touch lighter on my feet and like a small-yet-notable portion of my ever-present mental fog had become a bit less dense. Holmes says he describes the effects of Charlotte’s Web to friends by showing them a blank expression and then smiling ever so slightly. I understood that.

Matt Rize CBD was built on the belief everyone should have a right to high quality hemp-derived CBD products.

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Matt and Jess have been making 20:1 CBD capsules for over 5 years. It has been their mission to provide the masses with safe and easy access to hemp-derived CBD products, education on cannabinoids, and unfiltered consumer testimonials.

We are Sacramento’s exclusive outlet for medical cannabis products produced by Matt Rize.

– Ice Wax hash extracted from freshly frozen cannabis.

– High-CBD “R.S.O.” oil. Can be used for vaporization, edible preparations, or topical use.

– High-CBD tincture-spray for fast-acting sublingual relief.

– Live-resin concentrate produced from a state-of-the-art ‘closed-loop’ extraction system.