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reviews for just cbd gummies

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JustCBD is an amazing company that is really transparent about their products and their practices, which we love! They’re affordable, reliable, and always provide a high-quality product.

One of our favourite CBD-infused products is CBD gummies and we’ve reviewed one of the best brands of CBD gummies available for you today!


Their gummies come in a variety of shapes, flavours, quantities, and dosages so you have a lot of options to ensure you get exactly what you need. From apple rings to the classic CBD gummy bear, Just CBD’s product range is impressive. As the test results will show, their products are all made with the finest ingredients and the highest quality CBD. These gummies are both the best CBD gummies for anxiety and the best CBD gummies for pain.

CBD oil gummies are just what they sound like, tasty CBD edibles in the shape of gummy bears infused with CBD. The dosage may vary based on the company that makes them and what they have available. Make sure you pay attention to dosage when you buy so you get the side effects you’re after. These tasty treats are highly effective CBD gummies for pain and CBD gummies for anxiety.

We recommend starting small and working your way up. The best part about the gummies from Just CBD is that they come in a wide variety of dosage options. That way, if you need to go up or down by just a little, you have the option to without much difficulty! Other than that, you can always reach out to their customer service and/or read customer reviews to get further advice.

The taste for both gummies was excellent and very fruity! We did notice a cannabis aftertaste in the gummy bears, but not in the watermelon rings. We didn’t find either to be overly sour, but both had a very pungent, fruity taste to them. We loved the watermelon so much, we had to stop ourselves from eating too many!

But that’s just an opinion—an impressionistic one. It may be entirely inaccurate. Frankly, JustCBD’s operation may be as sophisticated as Cyberdyne Systems. All robots and glass offices. I don’t know. Maybe it’s so sophisticated there’s coffee-free coffee and paper-free printers to go with the CBD-free CBD gummies, as if JustCBD exists in some hyper-modern way where nothing contains the one thing you think it should. Like at JustCBD the toilets are bone dry and instead of sunlight the windows are full of bricks.

That’s why we tell our family and friends not to buy JustCBD. Not their oils, gummies—whatever. We tell people not to buy them because we think their products generally lack one of the main reasons people buy CBD: CBD.

Again, this was a lab test on a single sample. The brand will say we should test every gummy in the jar. If we could afford to do that we would. If we could afford to bring in a real world equivalent of the smart and witty ensemble cast of Law and Order to get to the bottom of this we would. But our gut tells us a couple failed tests are enough to shop elsewhere.

Oh, Flavor

Because testing can be erratic and batches can vary, we retested JustCBD. The second time we tested their gummies. You can’t search “CBD Gummies” on the web without finding at least a few pages dedicated to JustCBD.

The CBD industry is growing quickly, it’s an unregulated and confusing space—which is pretty much blood in the water for lawyers. Charlotte’s Web has been a target, and their labeling of “hemp extract” instead of milligrams of CBD will either prove a complication or defense. Just CBD has also been the subject of a lawsuit about mislabeling—one that is still playing out in the courts. Take this for what it’s worth—a brand we like is getting sued and a brand we don’t is getting sued, too. There are a hundred or so other brands not getting sued for bad labels. Check those out.

In our second recent round of tests, Just CBD gummies again contained less CBD than advertised. Based on the packaging, a 2g serving should contain 10mg of CBD. Our tests showed .7 mg/g. Much less CBD you would expect in a gummy.

With little plant material to get in the way, Just CBD gummies taste great.

I sadly fell for an instagram ad. True story. I never thought I would, but I was really hoping these could help. It's hard to escape all the claims for what CBD can "cure" or "fix" these days. JustCBD's products looked and sounded great, plus they had thousands of reviews. well..they're fake.

Very good CBD gummies. I ended up getting the Peach Rings, oil tincture and some gummy bears. The parcel arrived very swiftly and the goodies are of a superb quality. Me and my gf definitely felt more relaxed after binge eating the gummies. Would recommend and will order again.

I’ve ordered from this company going on 3 times now and they have the best, most effective CBD products I’ve ever used. I especially love that they have lab reports for all their products. My products always arrive before scheduled too. The price is amazing compared to most other places also.

I’ve ordered from this company going on…

I placed 2 orders with this company. The first order arrived that contained 2 CBD cartridges, 2 just batteries vape pens and 1 order of 250 mg gummies. Neither cartridges actually produced a "vape" however CBD effects were felt. One "just batteries" vape pen did not work more than 10 days.
The second order placed was never scanned as shipped. I contacted the company who chose to do nothing except have me wait 10 days just to make sure that they didn't actually send it. After waiting the 10 days and still didn't receive the order that the tracking number already indicated since day one hadn't been shipped I finally was told I would receive a refund. No apologies or attempt to make right the fact that my money was tied up for days on end nor did I ever receive a product. I'm awaiting a refund currently. HOWEVER, I would HIGHLY recommend going with another company as I have found that any company that has issues such as these right from the start to be companies not worth doing buisness with at all.

The gummies did absolutely nothing, they were just regular gummy bears. I reached out to the company but they were extremely rude and refused to help me out.

I loved the sleep gummies I ordered they work like a charm. I have tried other brands of cbd most are way over priced. I noticed basically all have similar effects. There is really no difference just price and quantity. Justcbd seems to fit both of those glad someone told me about them

After digging around online, I just found out there's a class action lawsuit going on exactly about this (that JustCBD's products don't have anything close to the CBD they claim) along with a testing company's results which proved there is almost no CBD in these gummies (0.7mg/g vs the purported 10mg. HUGE difference!!).