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Spruce has tight control and full visibility of its CBD product manufacturing process from the hemp farm to the shelf, and its hemp extracts are designed to deal with muscle and joint pain. If you want a CBD cream for back pain this may be a good hemp cream to try. Its branding is also clean and minimalistic, making the facts easy to find.

Cornbread Hemp CBD Lotion + Menthol is made using a unique flower-only hemp extract that leaves out the stems, leaves, and stalks for a purer and more potent CBD. It's USDA orgranic and contains organic menthol, lemongrass, and eucalyptus for naturally cooling relief with no oily residue. Plus, it's free from parabens and preservatives.

The best 7 CBD creams for pain

Balm available in 2 oz. jar

As it turns out, topical CBD products may offer some anti-inflammatory properties to help alleviate pain through cannabinoid receptors within the skin. These receptors are a part of the body's endocannabinoid system, or ECS, that governs functions such as our ability to process pain, as well as inflammation, mood, and sleep. The cannabis plant contains phytocannabinoids like CBD that interact with our ECS, which is why hemp has therapeutic properties. 

FAB is devoted to providing people with the best quality CBD it can. All of FAB's CBD products are made from hemp organically grown in Colorado. FAB is community-oriented and regularly collaborates with charity partners. A full spectrum, or "whole plant," therapy may offer additional benefits when compared to other CBD topicals for pain.

Here’s why this is so amazing:

Today you’re getting a list of the best CBD creams that you can currently buy.

Many terpenes are associated with anti-inflammatory effects. These terpenes don’t only have anti-inflammatory effects in and of themselves but may act synergistically to CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects as well.

1. Receptra Naturals Serious Relief + Arnica Targeted Topical (Best Full-Spectrum CBD Cream)

Although they may contain trace elements of other cannabinoids, we want more than that when it comes to ‘full-spectrum’ and ‘broad-spectrum’ CBD products.

On top of this amazing foundation of cannabinoids and terpenes, this cream is bolstered with additional pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory compounds:

Receptra Naturals is one of the few brands that always provide true full-spectrum products. This Serious Relief Topical contains very high concentrations of other hemp-derived cannabinoids and terpenes compared to other CBD creams.

A high-quality CBD topical should contain a wide spectrum of hemp-derived cannabinoids and terpenes, plus additional anti-inflammatory compounds.

The company’s all-natural hemp is planted and harvested in Kentucky and assists in supporting farmers in the United States.

Generally, CBD oils require a lot of time and effort in determining the correct dosage that will also depend on every person’s needs and preferences. This is not the case for CBD creams; they only require you to apply them in small portions directly on the body part you experience the pain.

Provides Fast Relief:

Salves are the newest introduction to the FAB CBD collection. FAB CBD aims to employ innovation, supplementation, and science to develop products that help people of different ages, genders, and social statuses to live a healthy and preventive lifestyle.

All the company’s products can be returned within 30 days and money returned to them in case of dissatisfaction or any other valid reason.

After successfully completing our search, we came up with these 5 CBD creams that we review in the following section.