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reef cbd tincture review reddit

I’m sure you’ve noticed that CBD is basically everywhere now. It’s currently one of the trendiest supplements out there. New companies are popping up seeking to profit off this growing wellness trend and it can be difficult to tell which ones are legitimate and which ones aren’t.

Reef CBD tinctures are made out of the highest quality, all-natural ingredients. Reef knows that you care about the quality of the supplements that you’re putting in your body, and they make sure to source only the best and and highest quality American-made hemp when manufacturing their line of tinctures.

Reef CBD Vape Oil

Tinctures have one of the highest bio-availability rates of any CBD product. Just use the included dropper to place a few drops of this delicious CBD under your tongue and you’ll be feeling the effects almost immediately.

Gummies and other edibles are super-popular in the CBD world these days. Anyone who has tried them can understand the appeal. They taste exactly like gummy candy but give you benefits including anxiety and pain relief, seizure reduction, and restorative sleep.

Reef offers their gummies in two different flavors: Sour and Sweet. Each bottle contains 200mg total of CBD, with each gummy measured out to 10mg of CBD each. This makes it really easy to control your dosage, since each gummy contains the exact same amount. With tinctures and vape oils you have at best a vague idea of how much CBD you’re consuming, so if keeping track of that is important to you than these gummies are a great choice.

Kay- so, to build some context, I’ve been experimenting with cannabis products for a little less than half a year. Started around February. Used almost daily during the summer when I had fewer responsibilities and no work-related commitments. Currently (as of early October) am slowing down with the intent of giving my CB1s a break and regaining my productivity.

Expecting the cbd to give the high a more mellow vibe than the THC I’m used to, I decided to smoke a bowl of Harmonic and found myself feeling. more paranoid than THC strains make me feel.

I’ve used higher THC products without a problem (ie: Redecan Wappa), medium (ie: SR Tangerine Dream, Aurora Blue Dream), and low (Liiv 10mg caps, Redecan Gems 5mg, etc). I’ve also had sketchy 25mg chocolates and gummies from THCDelivery which a friend who is a member there shared with me, which I also enjoyed. However, my most recent purchase was a gram of AltaVie Harmonic at approx 8% thc, 7% cbd.

Why is this? Isn’t CBD supposed to reduce anxiety and help the consumer relax? Does this happen to anyone else, or am I just weird?

Now legally in the UK you can only sell CBD oil if that oil has less than 0.3% THC. THC is the psychoactive substance that makes you high in cannabis, but at these levels it doesn’t. To play it safe, stores like Boots and Holland and Barrett, will only sell Isolate and Broad Spectrum CBD oils. Both of these types of CBD have been stripped (purified) fully of there THC values. Unfortunately during the purification process, these oils lose a ton of the other “good stuff” that actually helps to make the product work.

A few months later my husband saw CBD oil at our local Boots and decided that if Boots where stocking it, it must be a more legitimate product…

Out of curiosity my husband started taking it to help him sleep and my god it worked! After a few nights of listening to him snore I decided I would give it a try.

Before I get into this I just want to say that no, I’m not in any way related or sponsored by any CBD brand. Most of the brands out there are a complete scam. The majority of testimonials that have become viral on social media are either faked or dubious to say the least. Please feel free check out my post history. I’m just a simple designer from the UK, I’m in no way an “influencer” or a PR marketer trying to pull a fast one. Anyway…

Apart from the anxiety its really helped with a stiffness I get in my neck. Sometimes my neck just never wants to turn. I've realised that this is no longer an issue for me. Also my sleeping patterns are amazing. I would often stay awake at night worrying about stupid things. Now however, I feel calm. It doesn't make you tired, you just feel really relaxed.