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reddit cbd with thc gummies

I'd throw out the last one. What was the brand if you don't mind sharing ?

The gummy was labeled as full spectrum, 0.03% THC, 25mg per gummy and I’ve taken probably 9 or 10 before with no problems. I’m wondering if the company also makes regular THC edibles and somehow they packed one of the wrong ones in the bag I got? There were 6, I ate 4 (once every 1-2 days) and the 5th one really messed me up. I’m scared to take the last one lol

You're the second person I've seen on here recently mention having a fucked up "near tripping" experience off of CBD. Makes me wonder about suspect batches / products out there. Personally, the ones from a local smoke shop labeled "relax chill" rainbow colored sweet and sour roll gummies caused a bad reaction. 2-3 years ago before CBD popularity exploded. I googled them and they have research chemicals in em. A few times won't cause longterm damage. Definitely best to avoid if it's an unlabeled product ie "chill brand CBD" or something vs a dedicated brand like the following;

Hi, new here but I had a bizarre experience last night. I’ve been using CBD (both in vape and gummy form) more or less daily for a few weeks, but until last night all I noticed was a mild calming effect. Last night I took another of the same gummies I’ve been using but this time it got me stoned off my butt. I’ve seriously been less high from THC. So i panicked too because I didn’t understand why I was getting so high because in my mind the most I would experience was possibly a mild calm buzz, but I went pale and had a panic attack because I was so freaked out and then I had to call out of work this morning because I felt so out of sorts still.

Has anyone had an experience like this before? Not sure if I should see a doctor or something or if this was just a manufacturers mistake

Most reputable brands are good: cbd distillery, phytodabs, charlotte's web, etc

Thanks for the insight.

I'm just wondering if those who take these can shed light on just how potent they are. 50mg cbd and 5mg thc sounds pretty high, but I'm guessing the higher cbd amount perhaps prevents any paranoia? I'm sensitive to Thc and have a love hate relationship with it. Too much and I become paranoid and not enough and I want more. I have some 10mg straight thc gummies and have gotten slight Paranoia from cutting one in half before.

I just ordered some hempy longstocking gummies which are like 1.6mg thc per 20mg cbd so I'm slowly building up. My current capsules are 20mg cbd and like .74mg thc.

I have them and also a low THC tolerance (though I smoke 3/4 hemp flower and 1/4 THC bowls) so if I take one then I’m feeling a solid level of edible high once it kicks in. I’d say probably like 6 to 7 on a 1 to 10 scale. The peak doesn’t last as long as pure THC edible though and once it dies down a little bit it’s amazing. I’m honestly surprised you can get them through the mail it gives me that strong of an effect.