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reddit best full spectrum cbd tincture

I've compared LN's products to CBDistillery and Green Mountain (now SunSoil) and found too little differences between the three to bother paying extra for the non-LN stuff. Now that I'm in Lazarus' assistance program and get their stuff at 60% off, that price advantage makes the other products not even an option for me.

Glad you liked it. I take 50mg a night to help manage my pain and help me sleep better. Its been working well for me so far (about 5 weeks now). And I've only used Lazarus Naturals. And their high potency oil is great. I've turned several friends on to it and they all love it.

Let me first say, I don't like NuLeaf's take on providing supplemental facts (dosage). To simply put it, my dumbass did three whole droppers (not drops) lol; I'm pretty sure that's like 150 mg, give or take. Half the bottle is gone, but damn I feel good. I'm so chill and happy; like I've just smoked some good bud. I hope Lazarus' oil is just as quality/potent.

I have been very stressed out lately, and am going through a multitude of withdrawals such as Prednisone (a corticosteroid I take for my UC; tapering of course) as well as porn/masturbation. So yeah, I've been experiencing hella stress, adrenal fatigue, mood swings, frustration, etc.

I don’t think I want to pay that much for flower, from the prices I’ve seen at least. Appreciate it though man. I’m thinking of just doing 50 mg a day, I think that’s the standard dose. How much would you say you consume?

(Granted, not everyone is in a situation where they can do flower, but give it some thought)

I love Nuleaf (I use and sell it), but most people don't need as much as you took.

TLDR: Looking for terpene infused or rich CBD tincure that can stack up against ananda 200 full spec tincture. Any help would be greatly appreciated and rewarded.

Looking for a terpene infused or terp rich cbd tincture. I recently used ananda 200 full spectrum cbd tincture that had terpenes and it helped me dramatically more and differently then any other cbd ive used. I have reviewed and tried a lot of different vape, and syrup and tinctures but I just bought this at a local store and was pleasantly surprised and havent read anywhere that it is a bad company and I dont think it was so much of an effect that it was spiked with a synthetic but I do feel like it was a .25 mg xanax kicking in when the tincture took effect and ive never felt the stomach relief that I had with this tincture. Im looking for something that people can vouch for because the 30 or 60 ml bottles of tincture can get pretty expensive.