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real wellness cbd salve


Sold out 4 times with a waiting list of 100+

Optimize Hemp Tonic

For your mind, body & soul—powered by pure plant medicine and all-natural herbs.


’I share it regularly and have heard positive results with rheumatoid arthritis and when being applied acutely for migraines and/or headaches. This truly is the wonder salve!’’ Evan (Satisfied Customer)

What is so special about Real Wellness is that their products harness the healing powers of cannabis and merge them with the healing powers of ancient herbs. While most of their products contain THC, they do have two products in particular that are fully CBD. Their Maintenance and Repair Salve contains 350mg of CBD, arnica, calendula, camphor essential oil, cayenne, lavender essential oil, menthol crystals, rue, St. John’s Wort and wintergreen essential oil. These are specialized ingredients maximized for healing. Their other all-CBD product is the Optimize Tonic. This CBD tonic contains 1000mg of CBD, cinnamon bark, hook vine, licorice, quince, turmeric, and white peony.

Hemp History Week starts today, and all week we will be featuring upcoming hemp brands that we think you should look out for! Our first featured hemp brand of the week is a herbal based wellness brand called Real Wellness by Ricky Williams. You may be familiar with the brand since Ricky Williams is one of our investors. The company is comprised of Ricky Williams (Brand Leader & VP, Product Development), Linnea Miron (CEO), Jeff Marinucci (COO), and Matt Cohen (CMO).

We believe fully in what Real Wellness is doing, offering natural healing by combining ancient wisdom with the help of modern science and technology. Many CBD products don’t utilize other natural healing ingredients in combination with CBD. As the stigma of cannabis continues to shift across America and throughout the world, Real Wellness is at the frontlines and creating great products to those who trust and believe in the healing properties of the Cannabis plant. Be sure to follow Real Wellness on Instagram as well as Superego , as we will be running a giveaway for the Maintenance and Repair Salve, the Optimize Tonic, and some exclusive Superego hemp apparel!

Evan E. and thank you RW for making my days much more tolerable. I strongly recommend

Our 10-in-1 Repair Salve is an analgesic (pain-relieving) formula created to loosen up and relax stiff muscles, joints and tendons. This rich balm is comprised of extracts from hemp and nine other herbs known for their ability to generate fresh blood flow to the applied areas.

Anja W. – July 11, 2019


Absolutely fabulous product. I am an avid yogi and regularly walk 5+ miles a day in flip flops. This salve is a life saver at the end of my practice and the end of my walks. It is very helpful with dry and cracking skin on the feet, I’ve noticed positive results with skin conditions and warts, and a complete shift in the overall ache and strain of my body when adding in this repair salve to any part of the body. I share it regularly and have heard positive results with rheumatoid arthritis and when being applied acutely for migraines and/or headaches. This truly is the wonder salve!!

I used this salve at the suggestion of Evan E. at the Forever Endeavour. Initially I used it for my back after hours of weeding would have me bent over and stiff. I thought it might have been a fluke that the pain was minimal after my first use and had significant relief; however, I’ve been working out vigorously lately (rowing, weights, running) and have used the salve for sore joints, muscles, etc. SO MUCH relief!! This stuff is great! and I’ve passed the info along to others as well. Thanks Evan and the Forever Endeavour for helping me find the right product.

Love this product. The texture and smell for a hemp product is excellent compared to other competitors.I have been used a few other brands. This salve with great relief for with joint, arthritis ,muscle pain. This also work great for a topical on any cut or scratches.

Wendy Pearman – September 20, 2019