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purehemp cbd gummies reddit

Great resource. Thanks.

For those who don't want to look at the Lab analysis. They tested at about 25x the limit for Piperonyl Butoxide.

I used to grow MJ professionally indoors for over four years. When I encountered Broad Mites, I became very concerned about how many farmers use some pretty nasty miticides so close to harvest, stuff like Floramite, Forbid, Akari, Kontos, Avid, etc.

Thanks for sharing! This looks like a pretty very useful resource.

Joy Organics, too. I am.surpirsed as they source from Folium.

Label accuracy is right up there as a wtf too.

As an ex-professional farmer who lost the battle against Broad Mites, I can understand how tempting it may be for farmers to wage chemical warfare against pests that are difficult to beat. Many farmers live paycheck to paycheck, or to put it simply harvest to harvest. One or two bad harvests can cause a farmer to lose his or her business. When one's entire livelihood is on the line, they might take on extreme measures just to stay afloat. This in particular is what worries me about the industry, especially after I learned about how prevalent such tactics are.

mind if i bum a cig

I want to try them! to back I'm surrounded by mormons.

Uhh I believe he told me about $6-8 where he got it. But you can get it from their website for like $10.99 . And it’s very smooth, kinda light flavor. Mellows me out a bit. But when you open the pack it definitely smells like some bud lol

Why smoke it then? Is hemp an alternative to tobacco?

I just smoked one of these. It's a mild relaxing effect on the body and mind without any of the mental buzz/fuzziness that normal weed has. It hit very very light. Almost like it wasn't lit all the way. Didn't taste like much, which to me is a good thing lol.

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