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pro cbd oil capsules 25 mg 30 ct

Auntie Dolores has been hard at work, creating the purest, most beneficial full spectrum hemp CBD oil for our customers. Learn more about our proprietary oil and unique cryogenic extraction method.

Benefits of full spectrum hemp CBD oil include:
+ Helping to instill calm and address anxiety
+ Supporting a healthy digestive tract and strong immune system
+ Promoting healthy joints and flexibility
+ Maintaining a normal inflammatory response

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules

Growing Hemp to make products like Synchronicity’ Hemp Oil Capsules is no small feat. The process takes several months and requires paying meticulous attention to every element in the process, from temperature to humidity, to plant nutrition, and watering — all along the path from planting seeds to manufacturing products to shipping and distribution.


With this in mind, we have developed our Hemp Oil Capsules mg range in strengths of 50 mg, 25 mg, and 15 mg. Depending on how often you want to take your Hemp Oil, what your needs are, and how your body benefits from it, we are certain you will find the strength that matches your expectations.

The end result is nothing like any other CBD oil product. Rather, our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules are nutrient-dense and full of natural wholesomeness.

When our body and mind relax, we give them time to recover and become stronger and healthier.