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private label cbd softgels

These curcumin CBD softgels come with all of the benefits of our regular softgels plus the added power of curcumin. Curcumin is a natural compound that has long been used to help people maintain healthy joint function. When you combine the support of CBD with the benefits of curcumin, you get a softgel that brings some serious support to your muscles and joints.

Our softgels are made with simple ingredients to maximize quality. You won’t find any unnecessary fillers or additives in our products.

The nanoemulsion technology we use makes the CBD droplets much smaller in size, and they are considerably smaller than the particles in oil-based options. With our Private Label Partnership Program, you can offer the best CBD softgels on the market under your own private label.

25mg CBD + Curcumin Softgels

Our private label CBD products let you join the success of the CBD industry with premium products under your branded label. If you’re eager to get started, we have good news—your order will ship within 5–7 business days. We’ll let you know when we have new products available if you’re interested in expanding your brand outside of softgels.

Get in contact with us about our Private Label CBD Program so you can begin to sell softgels to your customers with ease!

We use premium grade ingredients in all our products, which means they are free of binders, fillers, dyes and other unknown substances. We subject our hemp products to regular, rigorous third-party lab testing. With Joy Organics, you’re always getting the best quality of CBD products available in the industry and you can easily begin selling our unmatched CBD softgels under your own private label.

A good night’s sleep is essential, so we developed these softgels to help you get the rest you deserve. The CBD, 3mg of melatonin, and 3mg of CBN in each softgel promote a calm and relaxed mood that will help you sleep like a baby.

Softgels are an oral form of consumption that provides protection for the ingredients through an encapsulation process. A hermetically coated seal protects softgels from oxidation and product degradation. This provides better product stability, accuracy and may enhance bioavailability especially for hydrophobic compounds such as CBD.

Kazmira is excited to offer CBD softgels. Kazmira’s CBD softgels will allow our customers to extend their product range and fill consumer demand for this flourishing method of consumption.

CBD softgels have been high in-demand but customers have had a hard time finding a quality product that they can trust. We have addressed this issue. Customers can now purchase CBD softgels that have exactly what they say inside and can be purchased in large quantities.

Why Softgels?

Softgels are used in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. Consumer reports have found that people prefer softgels over other oral methods because they are easier to swallow, do not contain a bitter taste, and have a slightly faster onset of action.

Our softgels are created from our broad spectrum Imperial™ CBD oil. We offer various types of softgels including our unique vegetarian Tapioca Starch softgel. Kazmira’s softgels have been validated by third-party laboratories to be of the highest quality and purity.

Kazmira offers vegetarian tapioca softgels that are non-GMO, halal, and kosher certified. Our Tapioca Starch softgels are completely vegetarian and address consumer concerns about the risks of animal-transmitted diseases.

Our softgels are manufactured in-house in our Watkins, Colorado cGMP facility. This allows us to have complete control over quality and availability. We also have an in-house analytical lab that allows us to characterize and provide an accurate product to our customers.

This product contains 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD per pill.

Our Full Spectrum bulk CBD Softgels are an exclusive formulation that allows the cannabidiol, terpenes, and phytonutrients to combine and provide enhanced natural support. Our premium CBD formula offers the precise amount you’ll need to help balance daily health and wellness. Gluten-free, non-GMO, and packed with essential fatty acids, our hemp-derived CBD oil softgels can support a healthy mind and body.

Our original bulk CBD Capsules are created with our proprietary formulation with naturally present terpenes. This product contains 25mg of CBD per gel cap.

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