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premium jane cbd capsules

750 mg – 1500 mg

Our experience with the customer service team from this company was mostly positive. They were fast, friendly, and thorough in their responses.

This brand has a few innovative product formulations — such as their CBD facial rejuvenation creams and specific formulas for sleep, stress, immunity, and pain.

Premium Jane CBD Topicals 60 mL

Cost per mg CBD:

Cost per mg CBD:

4.17 / 5

4 / 5

We are here to shake up the Australian market. When you browse products on Premium Jane and you read the pages of glowing reviews from our community you know you will be purchasing from one of the most reliable hemp oil online stores in the business. We continuously aim to lift the standard of the industry, providing higher-quality and more valuable hemp products to our customers every year. Our large international community speaks for us. With thousands of positive reviews and happy customers using our hemp products every day, it’s easy to see why we are considered one of the most trusted names in the hemp space.

After you have been down to one of the many stunning beaches, one of our HEMP Topical Salves or ointments is the perfect product to help maintain moisturisation and revitalisation of your skin – with rich Cocoa Butter or Eucalyptus flavouring, your skin will be feeling replenished in no time. Or if you are on the go and need your daily dose of phytonutrient goodness, our best-selling HEMP Gummies or HEMP Capsules are a fantastic option for busy Aussies. Whatever your needs are, however chaotic and jam-packed your schedule is, you will find what you are looking for in Premium Jane’s online hemp shop.

The overwhelming requests to open up our hemp oil shop to people living in this beautiful corner of the world has been humbling; we are excited to be sharing the best hemp products in the market with more and more people! Browse our hemp shop, and discover a product tailored to you. We truly believe no matter your beliefs, preferences, body type, dietary requirements – you name it, the supportive qualities of hemp products can be felt by anyone. We want our dream of providing these high-quality products to become a reality.

Purchase from a Reputable Hemp Oil Store

Our mission and tactics have been the same since day one. Create the most potent, organic and reliable hemp products on the marketplace and give our customers access to these products. As a business, we know that at the heart of everything we do is our customers’ experience with us. We listen to the questions and ideas put forward to us by our community, and take every review into account.

This is the essence of our success. We know that at any stage during research, production or distribution, our community is at the forefront of our team’s mind. This means we do not cut corners. Our ingredients are sourced from only the finest organic and sustainable materials – our hemp from genetically screened strains that we meticulously test to enforce only the highest levels of hemp and other beneficial phytonutrients – and they are extracted using top-of-the-range equipment. Lastly, every product that bears our Premium Jane label is tested scrupulously by third-party analytical laboratories that verify and record the quality of their contents. These reports are made public and can be read by anyone wanting to learn more about the product they are considering purchasing here (INTERNAL LINK).