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penetrex vs cbd cream

Here are some of our favorite CBD alternatives.

Many of these products are 100 percent natural, or even organic. Many of them are made in the US, and all of them are safe and effective. Obviously, your results will vary. But doesn’t it make sense to at least try a natural CBD alternative that thousands swear by, before spending your hard-earned cash on something that may or may not work?

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These topical ointments and creams relieve common ailments of muscle and skin. Some provide surface relief for itching, pain, and the like. Others provide deeper, more internal relief by treating inflammation. Judging by Amazon reviews alone they all are proven to work; reading some of the reviews it’s clear that some of them work extremely well.

If you experience pain, no matter the cause, you’ve got to try one of these CBD alternatives. If you don’t believe us, read the reviews of real users and then decide for yourself. We think you’ll find it’s wise to give one of these CBD alternatives a shot.

Whether you suffer from skin irritation like eczema, have muscle pain after a rigorous workout, or just want to numb an area of your skin before getting a new tattoo, there’s something on this list that can help you get the relief you need.

Everywhere you look these days, CBD is all the rage. From ointments and creams to drinks, drops, and tinctures, it seems they’re putting CBD in everything these days. Does it work? Do you need it? The jury, friends, is still out. But if real, natural relief is available, doesn’t it make sense to use that before trying an unproven remedy? If you’re considering trying a CBD product, consider one of these CBD alternatives first.

Biofreeze is not going to fix that strained calf muscle or sprained knee, but it might just help get the pain off your mind. The active ingredient here is menthol, and it is present in enough concentration for quick cooling relief — think 4% compared to the 1% menthol of the Icy Hot. Because this formula does not use other active ingredients, you can apply it up to four times a day, making it a great choice for relief from pain caused by minor injuries that you expect to heal sooner than later.

First, let me be crystal clear: We’re not advocating for, nor do we necessarily believe in the ability of, a topical magnesium product to enter the body and help offset a magnesium deficiency, which can cause everything from muscle cramps to gastrointestinal issues to sleep problems. For relief from sore muscles or joints, however, a magnesium gel or lotion can provide temporary reprieve, reducing inflammation and tightness. Rub it in deeply and allow for maximum absorption (i.e., don’t put on a shirt or pants too fast) and do be ready for a bit of itchiness along with your relief.

A good muscle rub offers temporary pain relief and can even speed healing and recovery by reducing inflammation caused by acute injury. Although muscle rubs can’t treat the underlying issue for chronic pains, it can, however, make pain much more manageable. Having tried multiple different gels, creams, oils, and roll-ons in recent years, we can tell you that not all types of muscle rub (to use the term generally) work the same for us as they might for you. So if you try a CBD rub and don’t experience much relief, don’t give up on the whole category. Instead, try something with different ingredients like lidocaine or magnesium. And make sure you follow the directions too — slathering on too much cream too often won’t help, and it may cause irritation.

Biofreeze Cool the Pain Roll-On

Icy Hot has been around for years. It was the go-to for coaches and trainers back in high school, and we used the stuff after many a wrestling match back in the day and still use it semi-regularly today. The menthol in the formula creates a quick cooling and soothing sensation (yes, it gets a bit intense at times), and then the 4% lidocaine provides some relief by reducing nerve sensitivity in the area of application. After a little while, you’ll experience a vague warming sensation, thus the hot part of the name. We love this stuff, but definitely don’t use it more than three times in one day, or else you’ll get a rash.

Penetrex cream is used by seemingly everyone, from competitive marathon runners to people who face backaches every time they stand up out of a chair. What sets this cream apart from most other muscle rubs is that it does not use “cooling” agents like menthol or clove oil that effectively mask pain, but instead it’s designed to reduce inflammation, actually removing the root cause of some pain. The relief effects aren’t as immediate as with other options, but they are comparatively lasting.

Yes, $90 for a 2.8-ounce tin of muscle rub is crazy expensive. However, we’ve been using this stuff almost exclusively to treat a shoulder injury, and we can tell you this: You can put a price on pain relief, and it’s a lot higher than $90 before it’s too pricey. The 1,500-milligram cannabidiol (CBD) concentration in this formula is much higher than many other CDB muscle rubs. The blend of other ingredients, like jojoba, menthol, and shea butter are plenty relaxing and soothing on their own. In years past, we were topical CDB skeptics, especially having used a few creams with lesser concentration of cannabidiol. In the search of relief from this damn shoulder sprain, we tried this extra-potent stuff, and the relief has been genuine and most welcome, lasting several hours after each application.

To help you get started, here are the best muscle rubs in 2021 so you can get rid of soreness and muscle cramps.

Why we like it: This cream claims to target the root of our pain rather than just act as a temporary bandage on top of it. Plus, unlike CBD, the smell is almost undetectable!

Why we love it: This lightweight healing cream is made with soothing essential oils and moisturizing shea butter to soothe and protect skin. Say goodbye to rashes, calluses and itching!

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What reviewers say: Shoppers are beyond impressed by this cream, whether it be for relieving symptoms of arthritis or even pain from a rolled ankle!

CBD has seriously taken off over the past year as a stress-relieving savior, also acting as an alternative to anything from pain relief medication to skincare. It may be non-psychoactive, but it’s still unfamiliar territory for many of us, and it’s not even accessible to everyone since it’s not sold (or legal) everywhere!

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