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original alternative cbd oil

They also have various creams and salves to help treat matters such as sore skin and inflammation among many other things. They have up to 7 different creams and salves, once again showing their range in products.

Here is what CBD Scanner has been able to find out about the White Edition Oil from CBD Brothers containing 3% CBD .


The pricing of their products has been described on the same level as the quality of the products themselves. To quote The Times, ‘A representative from the Center of Medicinal Cannabis commented – “This is one of the best value, best quality and accurately labelled products tested.”’

They are all full plant extracts and each strain offers a different cannabinoid and terpenoid profile which will, of course, affect people in different ways depending on a multitude of factors.

CBD Brothers have an extensive range of CBD oils varying in strength and strain. Be sure to check out our CBD Brothers .

Now, they have locations in Suffolk and Guernsey, including purpose-built manufacturing facilities and two shopfronts. Despite their success, their passion, commitment to health, and belief in hemp continues to be at the heart of the company. Their determination to bring real change to the health of the UK has driven them to extend their product range while maintaining their attention to detail and high standards.

CBD Brothers make their products from hemp grown in Holland and on farms local to their Guernsey facility. It is harvested and then treated to extract the cannabinoid-rich paste that is used in all their products. Samples from every batch of the final product is comprehensively tested by a third-party lab. This is to verify safety standards and confirm that the extract is full-spectrum and contains the advertised level of cannabinoids. The results of the analysis are available for every product from The Original Alternative under the ingredients tab on the product page.

Who are The Original Alternative (aka CBD Brothers)?

When you select a product from CBD Brothers, you will notice that every product is arranged into editions. These editions allow you to choose what type of hemp you want in your oils or pastes. The Silver, White, Red and Black Editions contain different concentrations of Hemp Indica extract, the Green, Blue and Aqua Purple Editions are made from Hemp Sativa plants and Purple provides a 70%/30% Indica/Sativa hybrid.

They use several hemp varieties, including Sativa, Indica, and Indica dominant hybrid. At for the Ageless we have selected pastes, oils and water soluble extracts from their Indica and Indica dominant hybrid editions. We are often asked about Indica CBD oils so when we tried the Original Alternative collection and found it to be highly effective, we knew that it would fit perfectly at for the Ageless.

The Original Alternative are the first company to achieve a license to grow full-spectrum cannabis on Guernsey. It is grown on local farms with no pesticides or artificial fertilisers by farmers who share their approach to the production of hemp products. They are also able to interact with many of their customers face to face in their shops and have employed medical herbalists to ensure that the best advice is always available to those who need it.

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I've been using CBD brothers the original alternative for a while now I was using the silver edition which was helping with my sleepless nights and anxiety because I had done nights for 15 years but haven't done nights now for over a year I have changed to the the white edition CBD and it is absolutely amazing I would recommend the white edition CBD to anyone it is well worth paying the extra money for it I get at least 7 or 8 hours sleep a night now and it has stopped my anxiety completely as I said I would recommend the white edition to anyone who has trouble sleeping and anxiety well done guys for making this brilliant CBD oil I can't thank you enough

30 hours to dispatch

I have made a fair few orders with these guys and I can’t fault them at all. The CBD oils and capsules are second to none. Great communication and customer support is great. Will be making many more future purchases with them.

What differentiates CBD bros from others is 1) transparency of certs and info on all their products 2) quality – not cheap but best value considering the quality 3) Last but not least the excellent customer service. There was an issue with the cancellation of one of my orders and Emma resolved it straight away. Great communication and hassle free refund. Needless to say I will continue to be a customer due to the above reasons.

Hello Nishwa, thanks for leaving the review and we’re very sorry you didn’t get the experience you hoped for. It’s important to note that we don’t sell or advertise our products for any medicinal use or to treat any medical complaints. The other note is that our blue edition is what is extracted from sativa plants, sativa plants are considered to be ‘uplifting and energising’ so not really the best if your looking for sleep, I’m am surprised that this wasn’t mentioned when you done your research, it’s quite a well stated/often referenced piece of information.