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“SVI’s white onion programme gives us control of the supply chain…we supply the seed, we plant it, we provide growing oversight to our contract growers, and then we do the harvest,” said Dave Watkins, Senior Vice-President, Olam SVI. “This allows us to provide complete traceability, food safety assurance, and outstanding quality to our processing plants.”

A new cocoa powder is about to be launched after months of development in Olam’s Cocoa Innovation Centre (CIC) in Singapore. The deZaan M558V cocoa powder will debut at Food Ingredients Asia (FiA) in Jakarta.

“This is an exciting product launch for us,” said Rinus Heemskerk, Global Head of Cocoa Product Development and Innovation. “It will bring our medium-fat cocoa powder processing technology to the market for the first time in this region. We are particularly pleased about the creation of M558V as it will be produced in our Jurong factory in Singapore, using origin cocoa beans from nearby Indonesia, and it will allow us to open up new opportunities in Asia, one of the world’s most rapidly expanding cocoa product markets.”

Experts from Olam Cocoa’s Product Development and Innovation team will be presenting the new cocoa powder to trade fair visitors and collecting feedback by offering samples of one of the M558V’s primary application uses, chocolate beverages.

For the past three years the Olam SVI team has been conducting a series of agronomic trials to evaluate the production of new white onion varieties in Egypt. Only recently has the team been able to celebrate the successful completion of the first, large scale harvest of these onions – a story that will be shared with Olam stand visitors in Jakarta. This is particularly significant for customers as the proprietary, US-bred onion seed utilised in Egypt delivers unmatched consistency, quality, flavour, and product application performance.

The creation of this new cocoa powder has been driven by growing market demand in Asian nations, Olam said, where the expansion of more affluent demographic segments is resulting in increased demand for higher-end cocoa and chocolate products.

A new cocoa powder is about to be launched after months of development in Olam’s Cocoa Innovation Centre (CIC) in Singapore. The deZaan M558V cocoa powder will debut at the Food Ingredients Asia (FiA) trade fair in Jakarta, Indonesia, September 21 – 23, 2016. Already it has been officially selected as a finalist – one of only 13 products – to be featured in the FiA Innovation Zone.

To mark the 70th anniversary of Olam Cocoa’s Brazilian cocoa brand, Joanes, the company has opened a new Cocoa Product Development & Innovation Centre at its llhéus processing facility.

The Innovation Centre opening coincides with the launch of a new, dark black cocoa powder that has no added sodium, as well as the unveiling of a new logo for Joanes.

The new Cocoa Product Development & Innovation Centre at the llhéus plant will serve as a support facility for new and existing Olam Cocoa customers across South America to experience first-hand the opportunities for collaborative new product development, proof of concept, and existing application recipe refinement.

With six buying stations across the country, Olam sources from a network of approximately 1,000 farmers in Brazil. To mark the Joanes 70th anniversary, Olam said it will expand its Olam Livelihood Charter (OLC) programme to help improve yields, quality and incomes.

Brazil represents a crucial segment of Olam Cocoa’s global portfolio, the company notes, not only as a foothold in the critical Latin American market, but also accounting for about 10% of Olam Cocoa’s global processing, with products including natural and alkalised cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa liquor.

Presented to customers in the new Centre, the new AJ11PK cocoa powder meets what Olam sees as growing market demand for lower sodium products. Developed for the Brazil and South American markets, this cocoa powder aligns with the Pan-American Health Organisation (PAHO) policy to reduce dietary salt intake amongst South American consumers. Sodium is traditionally added as an alkalising agent during processing for dark cocoa powders to achieve the desired colouration and this increases the sodium content of the final product.

“Utilising our origination experience to establish strong relationships with Brazilian cocoa farmers and co-operatives is key to building world class traceability and sustainability partnerships with our suppliers and customers,” said Kidambi Srinivasan, Cocoa Business Head for Brazil. “This, coupled with Olam Cocoa’s continued investment in Joanes’ first – class products, services and innovation, is helping to strengthen customer relationships across the continent and beyond.”

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