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nu cannabis cbd tincture reviews

Scientists have been studying CBD for years and have found out all sorts of possible applications.

Congress passed the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, which legalized the cultivation and Hemp at a federal level, classifying the plant with concentrations of less than 0.3% THC in dry weight as legal. The plant and derivatives could still be considered illegal at state and local levels, so check out the laws in your area.

One of the big problems with CBD — or any health product really — is how do you know you are getting what you pay for?

Everyone by now has surely been seeing the huge health craze surrounding CBD in recent months. Even going back to the 90s and early 2000s CBD has been studied for its medicinal benefits. But why has CBD just now become popular?

Common ailments people have been taking CBD products to help with include:

Legalizing Hemp has opened up the market for the production of all sorts of CBD base health and diet supplements that were previously only available to people in localities with "medical marijuana" laws.

There could be production consistency problems, where one product has to much CBD or even worse, doesn't have enough. This would cause the treatment to either be ineffective or dosage to be uncertain.

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

Nu produces high quality therapeutic cannabis infusions. For patients, by patients. Nu adheres to the highest standards of production. All formulations are processed in 100% food grade environments. Source products used for extraction are grown according to GMP and GPP standards without the use of pesticides and free of heavy metals: -Made from Organic Ethanol extracted cannabis oil, blended with Grapeseed Oil -Lemon essence added for superior flavor and product -Products are processed, packaged and handled in a Good Production and Good Manufacturing Practices standard facility -All products are made using only food grade formulations -Source products used for extraction grown without the use of pesticides and free of heavy metals -All products are laboratory analyzed to ensure potency and consistency.

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