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Here’s a scary statistic: in Australia alone, three million coffee pods go into the bin daily. Over eight days, that’s enough trash to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Wish your caffeine habit weren’t such a messy strain on the planet? We’d like you to meet Tripod Coffee’s brand new coffee capsule.

“Traditional capsules are aluminium or plastic with foil lids, but ours are a compostable biopolymer, with a paper lid,” says Ed Cowan, who co-founded Tripod with fellow cricket star Steve Cazzulino while in between matches. For the unacquainted, biopolymer is a macromolecule (like protein) that grows inside a living organism. It comes from the Earth, so it’s happy to make its return, without leaving a trace behind. That’s why Tripod’s capsules are different to most others. Sure, there are plenty of other biodegradable pods around, but most of them aren’t compostable. “Every compostable capsule by definition is biodegradable,” says Cowan. “But not every biodegradable capsule is compostable.”

Not only biodegradable, these coffee pods are certified compostable, too. Plus, they fit into your Nespresso machine (or the like). After making yourself a brew, simply toss the pod into your green bin, and it’ll break down within 90 days at a commercial composting facility — this handy diagram shows how the pod’s transformation rate compares to traditional coffee pods.

The first of Tripod’s coffees in the new capsules is The Green Gatsby, a 100% certified organic coffee from Papua New Guinea, and over the next few months, the brand’s six other signature blends will follow suit. Find these mean green waste-fighting machines online here.

Nespresso coffee expertise enables anyone, anywhere to make a perfect espresso coffee.

At Nespresso we want to make it possible for you to make the same full-bodied espresso offered by skilled baristas. Your business can benefit from years of Nespresso expertise in premium Grands Crus coffees, innovative machines and excellent customer support.

The unique Nespresso system – the interaction between the original Nespresso capsule and the genuine Nespresso machine – delivers perfect in-cup quality every time.

We believe that our Grands Crus stand apart from other coffees and fit naturally with the world of fine dining. Today, Nespresso is the coffee of choice in over 400 of the world finest restaurants.

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