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myaderm cbd creame reviews

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Advanced Therapy Cream

Fast acting relief to make your life better. Advanced Therapy Cream is applied directly to the affected area. The CBD absorbs in seconds, begins working in minutes and the light citrus scent vanishes quickly. Be better at everything you do with Advanced Therapy Cream.

Regular strength bottles available in 0.5 oz (350mg) and 1.7 oz (1200mg). Double strength bottles available in 0.5 oz (700mg) and 1.7 oz bottles (2400mg).

*This exact formulation can be found at GNC with the name Myaderm Body Cream.

I have Fibromyalgia and Scoliosis so I am in horrible pain all the time. I love the cream and it works pretty well. It takes that edge off so that I can at least function. I am very happy with this product.

Pain creme is very helpful, I am buying more.

Good product for Fibromyalgia & Scoliosis pain

Myaderm pain cream has worked better for me than any other product. Ever. Can't give 5 stars because I'm still in pain and hoping for a miracle (and something less expensive). But this product is great. My mother now gets it. My sister and best friend, too.

I don't have severe pain but Myaderm has helped with a variety of aches and pains in muscles, joints, and even minor skin irritations. The cream itself is perfect – smooth without friction, soaks in quickly and leaves no residue. I'll be ordering again!

I bought this for my 91 yr old mom who has back pain that radiates to her legs. She is usually not interested in any new medicine, but liked the idea of a cream as opposed to a pill. She says it does work & helps take her pain away! She asked me to get her a bigger bottle! Now that’s amazing!!

One reviewer happily reported the advanced therapy creams helped her back and knee pain, while another no longer denies the magic of CBD!

If you prefer buying CBD products in person, you can use Myaderm’s store locator to find a location near you.

CBD Advanced Therapy Cream

Judith claims Myaderm’s CBD Pet Cream helps her dog at least a bit, while Vianne says it’s “very good.”

Some of the low star ratings we found share the same complaints which is that Myaderm’s CBD creams have no effect on their pain whatsoever and the company is overcharging for such a small amount of product:

Myaderm offers a few different product categories for their creams and topicals: