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mixing phenibut powder and cbd oil

As a supplement, anything over 400 mg of phenibut is high risk, due to the risk of both hangover and addiction. Overdose appears to be rare, but it’s possible since the effect sometimes doesn’t hit until 6, even 10 hours later. By then, you may have taken a lot more trying to get it to work, don’t do that. The effect is very subtle. It’s just a lack of anxiety, a mood boost, sometimes a little libido boost, and talkativeness and social agreeableness. Dose less than 2 grams not more than twice per week, and you will be fine. If you get stuck in addiction, don’t worry, go to the doctor and let him know the treatment protocol listed above. Good luck and thanks for reading. Leave your comments below.

Like other GABA agonists, Phenibut use at regular high doses, doses beyond 500 mg can cause significant withdrawal symptoms upon cessation. The development of tolerance is similar to that of benzodiazepines and alcohol. As phenibut is taken daily, it may take higher doses to get the same anxiolytic effect, or just to ward off withdrawal symptoms. The user’s dosage may escalate above 500 mg per day and beyond. A case study from 2013 in BMJ Case Reports presents a typical presentation of phenibut addiction. A 35-year-old man had begun using phenibut in combination with kratom to treat symptoms of anxiety, depression, and alcohol craving. His dose had escalated to 8 grams per day. This is higher even than ‘recreational’ doses, demonstrating that tolerance had developed. When he tried to reduce the dose, he experienced anger and hostility toward others, increased anxiety, and other unwanted symptoms (Samokhvalov, Paton-Gay and Balchand).

If you become addicted, go for treatment. You can taper off phenibut by reducing your dose by 10 percent each month. Or, you can slowly replace phenibut with baclofen by adding 10 mg of baclofen and dropping 1 gram of phenibut every week until you’re on baclofen alone. Then drop your baclofen by 10 mg per week until you’re off. Seek treatment for the underlying anxiety condition.


To be sure, if you have a very bad phenibut problem, you probably need to go to a doctor, especially if it’s combined with alcohol. But, we are going to show you right here what a knowledgeable doctor is going to do. This is based on the treatment protocol for the case mentioned earlier. A 35-year-old man came to doctors for treatment for 10 months of phenibut use, reaching 8 grams per day. Guy got out of this relatively unscathed, so if your phenibut problem isn’t this bad, don’t worry.

This comment on Reddit appears to have been written by the guys and gals at Liftmode, one of the top supplement/nootropics companies for average biohackers. They explain that most phenibut is phenibut hcl. However, they also sell free amino acid or faa, which is slightly stronger and which some people prefer.

Here’s how to gauge your degree of substance dependence: If you have 2 to 3 of the symptoms above, you may have a mild substance use disorder, 4 to 5 is moderate, and 6 or more is severe. In any case, help is available and you can come out unscathed. Don’t panic.

Phenibut withdrawal symptoms can include the following:

Phenibut can cause dependence when taken regularly. People who use phenibut regularly and then stop taking it may experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can include decreased appetite, nausea, muscle aches, fast heart rate, anxiety, agitation, trouble sleeping, and seizures.

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How does it work ?

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Phenibut Capsules Benefits

Phenibut Powder Benefits

Take this example:

1) Most of Zach Attack Supplements & Nootropics Phenibut powder will mix instantly in water. Boom, mixed in and the powder is gone. Like Houdini, the powder was there now its gone! Not to mention, If you mix the right amount of water (usually 8oz will do), the taste is virtually undetectable. Checkout my own experience with phenibut for some insight on the advantages. Some people actually like the taste. If you’re one of them….More power to you.

3) Powder will also ensure you aren’t receiving extra fillers, like some capsule brands are associated with.