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Also contains naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids (Note: not to be considered as an ingredient)

Every buyer and user can submit a Medihemp Organic Hemp Complete 2.5% CBD capsules rating and write a review. CannaTrust stands for transparency and information. The manufacturer Medihemp stands for the same principles. That is why we participate in the project and would like to collect as many Medihemp Organic Hemp Complete 2.5% CBD capsules reviews as possible:

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The CBD extract is characterized by a harmonious spectrum of natural plant substance. This leads to a high biological activity – the so-called entourage effect – and thus to high bioavailability. Stimulates the body’s own regulatory processes.

If these reviews are negative, they will take the criticism to heart and improve the product.

The 2.5% Organic Hemp Complete Capsules from MediHemp are a full spectrum CBD extract (cannabidiol). The product is delivered in form of plant based cellulose capsules (HPMC) which are filled with the CBD oil.

The MEDIHEMP product line boasts certified-organic offerings, free of GMOs and pesticides. They use cold-pressed hemp seed oil from the same plants as their carrier oil of choice:

It may be that the most radical aspect of Austria-based MEDIHEMP operation is their commitment to sustainability. They discuss how the only way to have a sustainable hemp company is when one utilizes every single part of the plant during processing. It’s difficult to argue with that logic! MEDIHEMP tells us their uses for each portion of the hemp:

We find this level of dedication remarkable (not to mention highly unusual) and feel that it speaks volumes about what sort of individuals are behind the scenes at MEDIHEMP’s parent company, Deep Nature Project.

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Sustainability is the name of the game for this Austria-based EU-only CBD vendor, as they use every part of the hemp plant during processing. Leaves turn into teas; seeds and nuts become oils and protein; and the lower parts serve as building blocks for textiles, fertilizers, and building materials. And unlike the many CBD companies we see who market their products as 100% organic, MEDIHEMP can back up their claims with certified-organic CBD oil in both isolate and full spectrum options. We believe this to be a solid, trustworthy CBD brand that falls just short of higher marks.

We also love how they advise the customer to be mindful of origin and quality when considering making a purchase – this implies integrity, as does the fact that they claim their products are created in Austrian pharmacies. To the dismay of those who reside in most places in the world, however, MEDIHEMP’s products are available only to those in European countries.

Bottom Line – MEDIHEMP is an outstanding example of a CBD brand taking sustainability seriously, and we can’t applaud them enough for it. We also believe their products are safe, but since independent test results are not currently available, we have to forego this badge. We understand that obtaining their organic certification means they cannot use pesticides, and GMOs have been banned in Europe. So, they’re halfway there.

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