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master growers cbd tincture

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

Strain: Master Hemp CBD, sativa dominant hybrid, whole plant, this is NOT industrial Hemp!! Ratio 17:1 CBD:THC Total CBD per 1 oz bottle=402mg CBD: 13.4 mg/mL CBG: 0.60 mg/mL THC: 0.79 mg/mL 1 fl oz = $80 1/2 fl oz = $40 It can be helpful for people with anxiety, pain, inflammation, neurological issues, gut issues and much more. 190 proof non gmo ethyl alcohol base. Lab tested through Steep Hill Labs

About this product

0.5mL per ingestion 2x daily = 1mL daily

Premium CO2 extracted cannabis oil in a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) and hemp seed oil solution blended with all-natural spearmint and lime flavoring.

Drink up mojito inspired Mint & Lime flavor! Packed with natural, fruit-forward flavors, this chemical-free CO2 extracted cannabis oil is powered by cool mint and crisp lime flavors blended with MCT and hemp seed oil to serve up a happy hour—at all hours! Boasting a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, this well-balanced blend is the ultimate tincture for patients who crave relief and relaxation without the mind-altering effects of high THC.

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Price Per 30 Day Supply: $55
Price Per 50 Day Supply: $91.67
Price Per 70 Day Supply: $128.34

Apply a small amount of ointment directly to affected area, as needed.

This powerful topical contains 50% essential oils. The terpenes contained in essential oils ensure the delivery of precious cannabinoids to receptors within the epidermis.

Our fast-acting CBD Dragon topical delivers pure, potent relief where you need it most.

INGREDIENTS: Bees wax, Argan oil, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E oil, CBD, essential oils of black pepper, camphor, cajuput, frankincense, marjoram, clove, birch, iodine, basil, and ginger.