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mary’s nutritionals cbd cream

Nancy F. – June 4, 2019

kim c – November 20, 2019

Casey – June 4, 2019

4.75 out of 5 stars

Alex H – October 8, 2019

This Mary’s nutritionals muscle freeze is a life saver! I have been running distance and lifting weights for a few years now and my knees hurt all the time from the repetitive impact. I was concerned that I would have to limit my exercise due to the pain. This muscle freeze eased my worries, I rub it on my legs each night and my knee pain is completely gone. I would 100% recommend this to anyone, pain free or not, this makes me feel amazing and very relaxed!

I keep this in my bag everywhere I go because I usually get terrible cramps in my legs throughout the day because I am a runner. I usually wake up in the morning and run about 5 miles on concrete so my body definitely feels the effects throughout the day. I saw this product over one of my friend’s houses a few months ago and he swore it was working on his sore joints from running. I tried it that afternoon and could feel a small difference but he told me it was something he has noticed that has helped him over time. Three months later I am here leaving a review because it has been so helpful in my recovery from runs and 2 marathons so far. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a CBD topical to help them with their sore joints and muscles from physical activity. I have found this to fit perfectly into my wellness routine. Thanks, Design Wellness for helping me create my wellness with this amazing recovery product.

Aches? Pains? Say no more! Mary’s award-winning Muscle Freeze is the go-to solution for all those knee creaks, back tweaks, and tough gym weeks.

This company is an offshoot of a well-known and respected brand, and Mary’s Nutritionals delivers high-quality CBD products . The oil allows for easy dosage and for me at least, it worked well to alleviate anxiety. The gel is a handy way to deal with pain on the go; simply add it to the affected area and wait a few minutes to feel relief.

The Farm Bill of 2018 has opened up the industrial hemp market. It is now legal to grow hemp in the United States, and you can expect hundreds, if not thousands, of new businesses to spring up in the next couple of years. What does that mean for experienced stores such as Mary’s Nutritionals?

All of the brand’s products are derived from industrial hemp grown 100% organically on the Elite Botanicals farm in Loveland, Colorado. All of Mary’s Nutritionals products are made from full-spectrum hemp extract which comes from flowers rather than seeds. The hemp plants used to make the CBD products contains far less than 0.3% THC, which means they easily meet federal standards.

Where Can I Purchase Mary’s Nutritionals Products?

This gel pen has received rave reviews from customers however and appears to work well if you have inflammation .

This transdermal patch is designed to be worn on the affected area of the body. Each patch contains 10mg of cannabinoids, and they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the skin. It is relatively rare to find a transdermal patch amongst CBD products, so I was excited to try it. You can purchase a single patch for $10 or buy in bulk and save money. Here is the full price list:

Not a great deal to tell the truth. Yes, there will be more competition, but frankly, the vast majority of new stores will sell low-quality CBD products. The real issue is: How good are existing sellers? Let’s see if Mary’s Nutritionals sells CBD goodies worth using, or if they are likely to struggle when the marketplace becomes flooded.

Mary’s Nutritionals Pros

Monica Barker – June 17, 2020

The plant-based Mary’s Nutritionals Transdermal Relief Cream is designed for maximum delivery of CBD, so you get the relief you’re looking for. Developed in collaboration with a world-renowned rheumatologist, this revolutionary formulation allows our proprietary compounds and Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract with Naturally Occurring Cannabidiol to permeate deep into the skin. Infused with calming lidocaine, soothing aloe vera and nourishing vitamin E, our cream can be used for both targeted and full-body relief.

Formulated To Help:

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Suggested Use:
Cleanse skin prior to application. For targeted relief, apply cream directly to affected area as needed. For full-body relief, apply cream a venous areas, like the inner wrist.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract with Naturally Occurring CBD, Lidocaine, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E

I’m blow away by Mary’s line and will be a long time customer. Quality matters and this is quality!