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mansfield provisions cbd salve

Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, Full Spectrum CBD oil.

Ingredients: Non GMO/Vegan Organic MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Vermont CBD derived from industrial hemp.

One of our best bangs for your buck, at 1200mgs you can tailor your dosing to whatever fits you best.

and CBD Tincture is paired with organic MCT oil and is by far, our most popular tincture and product. At 20mg/ml the tincture offers the quickest way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. All our tinctures do not contain any additives, flavoring, or dyes to ensure you are only consuming the most pure, natural ingredients possible. Our tinctures are pet friendly too!


Even though neither Ruarks nor Rapoza ski (although the company’s third partner Drew Kaigle does), for Mansfield, the event is less about recreation, and more about giving people a, literal, taste of their upcoming product line.

He added that a thriving hemp fiber and plastics sector would be a great fit for hemp processors who need packaging.

Ruarks said that Vermont is facing an aging Baby Boomer population and, nationwide, that generation is, increasingly, struggling with addiction to opioid-based pain killers. CBD could help curb that trend, not just in Vermont, but throughout the U.S.

The owners of Mansfield Provisions, the title sponsors for Saturday’s Ski-BD, say the event will be their “launch party,” an opportunity to network and connect with a cornerstone of their consumer base: athletes.

“So, even if we’re the Vermont guys who sell the product in Connecticut, there is a market for that,” he said. “If that helps a farmer, and that helps us then we’re all good, you know? Of course, we’d love to be in all the local shops here – and we’re looking at all that – but we’re looking to bring Vermont to other state markets as they develop.”