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lotus gold tropical medical grade thc cbd tincture

Sativa strains are generally associated with uplifting effects and tropical flavors.

This delicious morsel is a mixed fruit flavored gummie. It has been our staple at Entourage Effects. These gummies are potent with 25mg total with eac.

Breathable – Flower – LSK x HM Nitro Can 3.5g

Enjoy Edifyâs newest addition of premium medical grade dark chocolate crafted with earthâs finest ingredients and paired with the tart zing of raspberry and creamy white chocolate swirls for a highly delicious experience. Take yourself to new heights

Crosses: HashMaster x Lemon Skunk Cannabis Flower 12 – 14% THC

This delicious morsel is a mixed fruit flavored gummie. It has been our staple at Entourage Effects. These gummies are potent with 25mg total with each piece. We HIGHLY recommend you give them a try! Terpenes: Caryophyllene oxideTastes:Blend of your f

Inside a marijuana dispensary, you are likely to find marijuana in various consumable states. It is for the user to decide on their most convenient or, rather, their most preferable consumption form. In Lotus Gold Cannabis Co., we provide Marijuana in all forms. It is upon the customer to make the order. Find more information here.

They are also known as buds. It is the most original form in which Marijuana exists. It is usually acquired directly from the farm as it is with only minor processes such as grading and packaging performed on them. The flowers are also categorized into different strains, which have different properties and effects when consumed. See here for information about Significant Factors to Consider When You Want to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card.


These are marijuana substances that are ground, filtered, and rolled in rolling papers fitted with natural gum. The Pre-rolls are meant to be consumed by smoking and can be homemade. The marijuana content in the rolling paper comes from the buds being processed into refined particles. They are already in a ready-to-use form.

Marijuana concentrates are products made from the cannabis plant that have been processed to retain only the most essential plant components while removing the plant’s excess material and impurities.

We have an ongoing loyalty rewards program, cash and online Treez Pay payment options, and offer fast and free same day delivery to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Naturally, there are some who hold the above positions but have opted to tailor their expertise to more specifically focus on cannabis.

Additionally, Eaze has a special offer for $30 off first-time customer delivery orders. It also runs regular product deals and promotions, including 25% off products that are “Eaze Picks”.

Cannabis Simple Syrup

There is an abundance of different papers available on the market to smoke with including different hemp, wood pulp, rice, and different sizes. The type of paper that is chosen will impact the experience. If you are unable to roll a joint yourself, there pre-rolled joints on the market as well.

From the first approved medical cannabis use to the more recent legalization of recreational cannabis use, we continue to go above and beyond to bring you top quality concentrates, cartridges, edibles, topicals, and of course the finest in CA grown cannabis at every price range.

Bowls, also known as pipes, is another one of the most common ways to consume cannabis. Bowls are small hand pipes that similar to tobacco pipes. They are most commonly made out of glass but they can also be wood, metal, ceramic, and silicone. To consume the weed, users only need a pipe, lighter, and grinded weed, making it an easy-to-use method.

Purple Lotus cares as much about its community as it does its patients. We strive every day to help those in need inside and out of the patient center. In fact, 100% of all charitable donations go towards helping local families and communities!