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lazarus naturals cbd tincture review reddit

TL;DR Been having a lot of anxiety recently which has led me to drink more. Hoping CBD provides the similar relief as alcohol without the calories and life consequences. Tried the Lazarus Naturals High Potency Full Spectrum yesterday and today and felt nothing. I don't normally react to many substances like caffeine, etc. Am I doing something wrong, or am I just shit out of luck & down $32?

After reading dozens of articles of CBD regarding dealing anxiety, I was hoping it would help me cut back on alcohol with providing the same calmness and relief that 2-3 beers does for me.

The anxiety has led me to start drinking more, and it recently has always turned into a binge drinking episode by myself.

Yesterday I received my first order from Lazarus Naturals – this is the first time I've ever looked into using CBD.

I'm using it to hopefully deal with general life anxiety. The past few months have been super stressful have caused more anxiety than usual. The anxiety can be debilitating at times and can ruin an entire stretch of day.

If I'm breaking any rules, I'm sorry but I have a question about lazarus naturals high potency CBD tincture.

Well, I was dumb and when I received my LR order this morning I took 2 droppers of the high potency oil.

I thought I'd try LR for anxiety and sleep. Also, i have been taking anothher CBD cos I wasnt sure when the LR order would come in. I started taking the other CBd oil 3 days ago, and felt no change.

I just got mine in the mail from dr. Ganja. I'm new to the CBD world, though I smoked my fair share of weed, but don't like the feeling of being high anymore. Gives me anxiety.

Now I feel high. I would try to explain this better, but I'm pretty high right now. Buy not in like.. a traditional way. Its not terrible, but I'm not sure how it makes me feel right now. It's been YEARS since I smoked weed, so this is a bit strange for me.