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la cbd infused ice cream

Both cannabis and food are already rolling their way across the city, but if the team behind Mellow has it their way, Angelenos could get both delivered in one frozen, sweet treat.

Before you clear up some freezer space, not so fast: While shelf-stable edibles are legal throughout the state, frozen infused products are another thing entirely, and lack any sort of regulation. It’s a new frontier and until laws are passed—which Mellow hopes will occur sometime in 2021—L.A. will have to wait a bit longer for THC- and CBD-infused pints of ice cream. But starting next month, Angelenos can at least bank on sampling Mellow’s first phase of infused shelf-stable ice cream toppings and syrups to be added to the brand’s non-infused ice creams, or, you know, your favorite pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

“We measure our success by different things, and one of those things is impact,” says Gonzales. “We figure: What better kind of change to help promote in some way, if it’s not pain relief?”

California will be Mellow’s first market, but the team also hopes to enter to Nevada, New Jersey and Illinois, constantly monitoring states’ shifting legalizations and regulations and making changes and plans as the field evolves.

The brand is working with Chino’s Scott Brothers Dairy to source non-homogenized cream for their base, and will offer three flavors—though currently only the non-infused option for each is currently legal: mint chocolate chip, Tahitian vanilla peanut butter cup, and Himalayan sea salt with caramel, and the team is already testing sorbets and other non-dairy options, too. But until then—and set to start next month—you might find a THC- or CBD-infused sauce in flavors such as caramel syrup or peanut butter at your favorite L.A. dispensary.

“To get around the red tape, a lot of people operate in the semi-legal zone,” said Gonzalez, in a news announcement announcing Mellow’s launch. “We intend to become a household brand, and we have no intention of shooting ourselves in the foot by breaking some law because we were ignorant of it.”

To ensure everything would be above board, Bride and Gonzalez partnered with legal professionals in addition to chemists, food scientists and chefs. The result—Mellow is launching with three distinct flavors: mint chocolate chip, himalayan sea salt and caramel, and Tahitian vanilla peanut butter cup. Also, available for purchase will be limited edition branded apparel and pre-rolls that are locally sourced and rolled in California.

It’s a treat that everyone loves and starting this week, Mellow Ice Cream, a new Los Angeles-based THC and CBD-infused ice cream offering, is making its delectable debut. Even though this cannabis edible is not an anomaly as there have been CBD desserts of this kind before, it is the first in California’s competitive recreational market to be fully compliant with state law, according to founders Jesse Bride and Enrique Gonzalez. As both are set on Mellow becoming a mouth-watering success, neither has any desire to sabotage their goal due to bureaucratic carelessness.

Bride and Gonzalez, who are both long-term friends as well as serial entrepreneurs, first conceived the idea of Mellow after witnessing firsthand the effects of painful cancer treatments in their immediate families. Also, they had long been interested in the cannabis industry. Mellow fulfilled their desire of creating a delicious edible offering that would be both a safe and enjoyable method of ingesting cannabis.