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London-based Hemp Botanics is an online retailer who sell only products containing American hemp-derived cannabinoids, due to its superior genetic quality – often from CBDistillary, which is one of America’s most reputable CBD oil providers. Set up by founders Nick and Lisa-Marie, Hemp Botanics was born out of a genuine need for supplementation – Nick managed to use CBD to help control his chronic pain and auto-immune condition. From here the business grew, and now it provides some of the world’s finest quality, most ethically sourced, third-party lab-tested oil extracts.

What sets it apart: Some products are combined with coconut oil which makes the CBD take effect faster

One of the most reputable CBD companies in the US, PureKana is on a mission to educate the world on the benefits of hemp CBD. It uses European-certified organic hemp and utilises carbon dioxide extraction to derive full-spectrum CBD, which is grown and harvested at pilot research farms in Kentucky. The range extends beyond just CBD oils, with capsules, topical ointments, edibles, bath bombs, vape pens, and pet products too.

What sets it apart: Its state-of-the-art extraction technology

At the beginning of last year, Holland & Barratt became the first high street retailer to stock CBD oil in the UK, bringing Dutch brand Jacob Hooy into a completely untapped market. Nowadays there are countless options out there and it can be difficult to decipher the high-quality, effective products from the rest. We’ve put together a list of the five best CBD oil companies of 2019.

THC is most popular for its psychoactive effects — It’s also what many people know as the cannabis plant known as marijuana. THC’s psychoactive effect is considered a “high.” CBD, however, is not a psychoactive compound, and therefore will not get you high. Believe it or not, many people enjoy CBD and THC, respectively, and generally for different reasons. There are millions of people who have never dreamed of consuming marijuana that happen to love CBD from hemp.

Like any other supplement, CBD can affect each person differently. Not only does each user’s unique genetic makeup and biochemistry play a major role in their experience with CBD, but the cannabinoid and terpene content of the plant strain serves as differing factors. Taking a moderate dose, there are some people who will hardly notice any change in their mood or general cognitive state. Others may feel a distinct sense of relaxation or overall wellness that has changed lives.

Colorado Kosher is a specialty supplement retailer of kosher CBD extracts and other wellness supplements. For more information on our wide range of products, visit our website . Or shop our products here .

17 Mar Can CBD or Hemp Make You High?

CBD Effects and Genetics

What Makes a Product “kosher”?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid – a type of natural compound found in the cannabis plant known as hemp. CBD is one of many compounds in these plants, but it has received more attention since the Federal Farm Bill was passed, which legalized the sale of hemp CBD on a federal level. Another well-known cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol, which you may know as THC.

Hemp CBD vs Marijuana THC

Flavours you can expect from Kosher Choco Kush are the most wonderful combinations of pine with earthy undertones with the exceptional taste of chocolate as provided by the White Choco strain.

The unique White Choco is represented in this wonderful hybrid by it’s very pronounced aroma. While the Kosher Kush has given the strain its ability to deliver above average yields it also lends it’s euphoric effect to the mix. Due to this hybrids genetics and how she has been crossed she has the capacity for rapid growth.

“Kosher Choco Kush Cannabis Seeds by Amsterdam Genetics combines the fantastic flavours of our amazing White Choco strain with the delicious and THC rich Kosher Kush.

The Kosher Choco Kush cannabis seed has a 8 to 9 week flowering time. Depending on conditions, growers can expect their plants to reach 1.00-1.50 meters producing a 450-550 g/m² indoors. When grown outside expect heights to reach between 2.00-2.50 meters with a 400-500g per plant yield.”