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kats naturals cbd capsules

In 2015, Kat Merryfield founded Kat’s Naturals. As a trained nutritionist and herbalist, Kat uses her background in nutrition to create wellness products that combine CBD oil with therapeutic essential oils. After her husband retired after serving thirteen years in the military, he suffered from stress and PTSD. Kat began experimenting with CBD to see how it could help him cope.

The only way we were able to figure out that the smaller bottle sizes equate to lower amounts of CBD (but at an equivalent strength) was by going to the Certificate of Analysis Hub. There, we could see that the Relax 5ml has 50mg of CBD, the 15ml has 150mg, and the 30ml has 300mg. The strength stays the same, you just get more with a larger bottle.


Here’s a recap of the pros and cons of Kat’s Naturals. We understand some of these may matter more or less to you, so read below for more details.

Their Activated Edible Hemp is also safe for pets to consume. Just be careful that the serving size for your pet will be different than yours. You can view our guide to CBD oil for pets to find a recommended dose, based on your pet’s weight and the severity of their symptoms.

Some people are okay with this taste—or are willing to put up with it to enjoy a pure CBD oil, free of added ingredients or flavors. For these folks, Kat’s Naturals offers their Naked formula. For everyone else, there are five other tinctures to choose from, each of which is infused with different essential oils that give the tincture a distinct flavor.

It all began with one woman’s desire to craft all organic goods and give people a natural product for nutrition and overall health. This woman is Kat Merryfield, an educated nutritionist and experienced herbalist. She has always been passionate about herbal medicine and fond of creating natural goods, and this motivated her to begin creating farm-to-home remedies.

After having dedicated over 10 years to growing natural products in her backyard in Tennessee, Kat finally launched her CBD business in 2015. Since then, she has continuously been committed to bringing people the benefits of CBD and applying only sustainable practices.

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Kat’s Naturals is possibly one of the most ethical and sustainable brands you will ever come across. The focus is being put on the transparency and product purity from cultivation to extraction and triple distillation. Take a look at the company’s impressive product line and find out what suits you.

Humic substances are organic compounds that are important components of humus, the major organic fraction of soil, peat, and coal (and also a constituent of many upland streams, dystrophic lakes, and ocean water).

BCAAs are considered essential because, unlike non-essential amino acids, your body cannot make them. Therefore, it is essential to get them from your diet. Most people’s diets are deficient in these non-essential fatty acids.

Is this product THC free?

Fulvic acids are a family of organic acids, natural compounds, and components of the humus. They are similar to humic acids, with differences being the carbon and oxygen contents, acidity, degree of polymerization, molecular weight, and color.

What other ingredients are there?

We are proud to offer yet another product that is 100% THC free. With many of the consumers not wanting THC in their products, due to various reasons, including but not limited to ingesting a psychoactive ingredient, possible drug testing, and legal repercussions, this makes finding quality Hemp CBD Extract all the more important.